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Dump mainstream media now before you are a lamb to Gates slaughter


Dump mainstream media now before you are a lamb to Gates slaughter.

By Jamie MacIntyre

Dump mainstream media now before you are a lamb to Gates slaughter – independent media – they have an agenda to tell you the truth not deliberately lie and deceive you for financial gain – try the Australian National Review or


Here’s what others had to say:

matt.r.needham (Matt Needham)

MSM is dying quicker than people who take the Covid vax.


I stopped watching tell-a-vision 10 years ago and it shows! It’s horrifying watching people endure this brainwashing! Keep up the good work 💪🏻💛

roinoceroin (Roin James)

These two need to be ripped to pieces, yesterday!

voidritual (Void Ritual)

Unfortunate I know a very stubborn man booked his whole family in already…will not listen to reason…tv on flat out😢

rosie_d_lee (Rosemary Lee)

Not many ppl! Most can’t think.

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