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The Vladimir Putin Interview

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Don’t Be Scared of BS 19 Fraudsters in Mainstream Media


Don’t Be Scared of BS 19 Fraudsters in Mainstream Media

By Jamie McIntyre

Don’t be scared of Covid fraudsters in mainstream media and our gutless politicians and the criminal elite.

Make them scared of a well organised, and well funded resistance, that can take back our world and our country, from these fraudsters. to download the Global Health Organisation scathing report about the Covid fraud Or United we stand, divided we fall.

Here’s what others had to say:

Sanja Angel Mishevski
Jamie, serious question. How do you stay away from the vaccinated? Almost half of Australia has been vaccinated, statistically impossible. My belief is that the “Spike Protein” issue is just further fear mongering and division.

MiaMoosa TheFoosa
Love your work Jamie, thank you

Becky Knight
I’m part of the army of Jesus Christ and we stand against the criminals running our govt’s.

Mark Byford
Nice to see such passion
Imagine world leaders being that passionate about saving the population 🤣 I think not

SteveTracey Hainsworth
I think they have already bail in laws in Australia.

Tammy PT
I don’t quite understand crypto and I’m really interested but can someone please explain to me what happens if there’s a cyber attack and you can’t access?

Becky Knight
I think the best currency is things like freeze dried coffee, sugar, seeds, flour, anything we can barter with

Becky Knight
I’ll be reading this report on my bitchute channel, thank u so much to Carly for sending me the file xoxo

Souriya Love
That’s why Sydney will be locked til Atleast September.. that’s when their shipment arrives.

Danielle Brown
Thank you for speaking out Jamie. Straight to the point, no BS & common sense TRUTH. You are a breath of fresh air. God bless you & your family…

Becky Knight
Remember many are reading those posts and don’t comment because they are scared, but they agree with us.

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