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Doctors study showing you are 40 times more likely to die of Bs19 vaxx


By Jamie MacIntyre

40 times more likely to die from the Bs 19 vaxx verse the Bs 19 . And this is based on the massively inflated bs 19 deaths verse the massively under reported Bs 19 vaxx deaths and injuries . Plus this is only short to medium term affects ie – wait for longer term effects . To take a Bs 19 vaxx is effectively committing suicide,which will bring delight to the ears of Gates and his “ we are over populated “ bs -19 vaxx cronies. Why risk a deadly global medical experiment for something less deadly then a “ bad flu “ season which has failed to cause any spike in human deaths ? Is it Because the Bs 19 vaxx isn’t about Global Public Health but Global De Population-? anyone in the world is welcome to prove me wrong and I’ll give them $1 million.


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Here’s what others had to say:

niks_runningnomad (Nikki)

That’s a very safe bet to make!

gypsyandgrace (Susie Pettman)

Your million stays with you.

the_prof369 (Deven 😉)

Great share


🔥🔥🔥🔥Thank you


G obviously knows not everyone will take the valc. Only the stupid will. Now he better braces for the rest of us who are getting prepared for the rest of his plan. Because the rest is not stupid and full of resources. Thence the deploying of the Army scheduled here in Canada in few months. It will prob happen everywhere once we start to take a partial stand for our kids.

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