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Dmitry Medvedev on Whether it’s Time to Recognize Ukraine as a Terrorist State


Dmitry Medvedev on Whether it’s Time to Recognize Ukraine as a Terrorist State

By AussieCossack

Dmitry Medvedev on whether it’s time to recognize Ukraine as a terrorist state:

“1. In fact, Ukraine is already a terrorist state that freely kills its own and (!) foreign citizens without consequences. He kills in cities and trenches, he even kills in prisons. This is obvious even to nasty fish-faced British women and senile men in big sneakers they wear for stability on the White House lawn.

2. If sufficient evidence is received that scum like Azov, Budanov or Zelensky was behind the terrorist attack, they, of course, will not be tried in some stinking ICC. They don’t judge their own. Сarpet impotents in New York and other galactic garbage from dying newspapers will discuss it, and that’s it. It is impossible to push through such a decision at the UN due to the Russophobic consensus and the Anglo-Saxon veto power in the Security Council.

3. What to do? Just crush the Bandera’s pigs, as the USSR MGB did valiantly after the war. And the leaders should be eliminated when the opportunity arises. Like Konovalets and Bandera. In Kiev or in another suitable place”.

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