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Cov Proven To Be a Fraud?


Cov Proven To Be a Fraud?

By Jamie McIntyre

Covid Proven to be a fraud.

So when the Victorian Health Minister, Brett Sutton was asked by a Journo, re the CDC is withdrawing the approval for the PCR Covid Test Kit, because it can’t determine the difference between Covid and the common flu (no doubt because there is no difference).

He didn’t even know about it.
And this is who many take Health Advice from.

What does this mean?

It means in Australia and around the world they are still using a Covid test kit that never could differentiate, between Covid, or the normal flu, and still can’t.

In simple words.

It means the entire Covid pandemic is a fraud, as we have stated for a long time, for many reasons, including the fact there is no accurate test kit.

So I think those who fell for the Covid scam, have pushed the Covid fraud and defamed those highlighting Covid is Bs, owe a lot of people an apology.

And as it’s been common knowledge the PCR Covid test kit was not designed to test for Covid, and couldn’t accurately test for Covid from day 1, then the Covid fraudsters behind the PCR test kit scam should now be charged with crimes against humanity and start paying up, and jailed.

But no- the fraud will continue as the media are owned or paid by the same fraudsters pushing Covid who will desperately try and spin it (So Gates and Soros new fake Covid test kit gets now bought in the billions by more eager Governments blowing your taxpayer money and eager to introduce Global Communism.

The world fell for such a simple scam.

How dumb are humans?
Dumb enough to take a deadly poison disguised as a vaccine to protect you from a fake pandemic and die all for 2 Krispy Kreme donuts and a free Bunnings sausage I would suggest?

Now that’s pretty F … dumb.

Here’s what others had to say:

Marko Sladakovic
Instead to build more COVID hospital we need to build more prisons!!

Pam Anderson
Charleen Miller

And u just have to laugh at Brett Sutton that not even knowing.

Sandra Owens
Have all the sheeple gone quiet? Why aren’t they up in arms that the pcr test is giving false positives!
All these lockdowns especially in Vic all based on false postives!
Will they ever wake up !

Pauline Suede
media & corrupt medicos really DONT Care, they would be telling truth about dangers of the toxic covd jab. Why isn’t Media & BLM outraged with the mutation and amputations the jab has caused to this black lady ???? & Not rallying against the toxic jabs that caused it, not covid’!!!…/Minnesota-woman-legs…
Really do own research dr Reiner fuellmich of German Corona committee with thousands and thousands of professionals who know what’s going on with the covid’ corruption and who been using PCR test fraudulently to lockdown countries and inflate covid’ numbers . The PCR test unit they have been saying for over a year can’t distinguish between common flu,cold and “covid'”. The patent and jabs were actually obtained and manufactured before the SCAMDENIC was announced . People have use by dates of jabs on packets dated before 2019 even . Delta variance is actually a cover up for the adverse side affects of the jab. 141 people hospitalised with serious supposed “covid’ in Australia all had been vaxed with the toxic experimental gene drug/vax where all the animals died in the the trials…so they skipped those and went straight to human trials and Yeo the humans are being tested on in the public . Nuremberg code prevents this but they are breaking all the laws to get their evil agenda out.

Angelica Muslu
All true…here they are telling you.

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