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CDC Has Admitted the BS 19 PCR Test Kit Can’t Differentiate Between Cov and the Flu

By Jamie McIntyre

Now the CDC has admitted the Covid PCR test kit can’t differentiate between so called Covid and the flu – spread it far and wide and end the farce of the Covid fraud – end the PCR testing to and end Sydney lockdowns but lock up the Covid liars.
All tests are a fraud from day 1
There never was any Covid except an array of flu’s we get every year
4 million deaths – people that die of flu’s and other things anyhow

Here’s what others had to say:

Jacquie Groves
What a todo I went through to get into centrelink maskless this morning. Unbelievable these clowns who work for govt

John Grech
Peoples Treaty gets to the root of the problem

John Grech
Doesn’t work

Amy Evans
Thank you for these awesome pearls of wisdom Jamie!

Sue Robertson
Thanks Jamie for letting us know all this

Tash Golin
Love your work 👏👏👏

John Grech
Message me please, befire it’s too late, rime is of the essence.

Diana Aquilina
From the word gecko they have been saying pcr’s cannot differentiate between Covid and the flu but the sheep of the world harp on every word that comes out of the politicians’ mouths. Politicians are getting richer as they have shares in the vaccine, the more sheep gets the vaccine, the more money they make

Lyn Sullivan
Jamie can’t register a like on this post there is 103 likes but FB must have turned that function off ❤

Dan Rve
agreed, what you are for strengthens you and what you are against weakens you… Hence the Anti this Anti that.

Ben Walters
Josh Wa you’ll froth on this guy


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