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CDC Confirms Extremely Low BS 19 Death Rate


CDC Confirms Extremely Low BS 19 Death Rate

By Jamie McIntyre

How’s that rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective,unproven, unjust,insane,ludicrous,untested, dangerous and deadly Global Medical Experiment going ?
Not dead yet ?
Just wait a while. They will keep jabbing you until you are.
All the ferrets died they tested on, did you know ?
Was it really worth the 2 Krispy Kreme donuts, and free Bunnings sausage to sell humanity down the drain?
Such an important life decision, yet you failed to check the ingredients first ?
Went on blind faith what dodgy drug spruikers or politicians paid to lie to you said ?
Did you put money aside for your funeral or full time medical care ?
Bit selfish if you haven’t don’t you think ?
Did you pre order your body bag, as they will soon be in short supply soon as you’re not the only sell out human unfortunately?
Don’t be so mean jamie.
Don’t be so stupid then to let yourself be bribed,or bullied or peer pressured into committing suicide, because you’re scared of a falsified pandemic, hyped by the idiot box, designed for idiots to fall for.
The truth a little upsetting?
Accept the consequences of your actions?
You might the choice?
Taking experimental drugs designed to de populate the planet, then what else do you expect?
That it would give you super powers or super intelligence ?
Sadly if you’re dumb enough to take the jab, your dumb enough to suffer the consequences.
Don’t be a dumb human.
You’re embarrassing the rest of us .
It’s time to be an adult.
Global Health Organisation
For those who want to research before they take a death shot.

Here’s what others had to say:

Jamie Delko
So I live between brisbane and the Gold Coast and have 2 kids aged 5 and 6. I have just been told I am not allowed to leave my house for any reason without a mask. Even though I have a medical exemption, I have been told to use army care whatever the that is.

Dan Gibson
Jamie McIntyre back in 2007 the defence force ordered 4 million biodegradable body bags and I dare say in 2021 they have their targeted supply for this operation.

Kellie Stockdale
Fk the CDC, the virus hasn’t even been isolated. If you’re gonna spread the truth, then spread it properly.

Hutchy Hutchinson
If it was a real pandemic they wouldnt need incentives for you to get jabbed, you would be scared into getting the jab because everyone around you would actually be dying.

Athina Andonatou
Have you seen this Digital Identity & Transhumanism: Losing Our Children & Parental Rights


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