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Australia’s Population Has Been for Years To Be Predicted To Become 15 Million by 2025, Down From 25 Million Today


Australia’s Population Has Been for Years To Be Predicted To Become 15 Million by 2025, Down From 25 Million Today

By Jamie McIntyre

Australia’s population has been for years to be predicted to become 15 million by 2025, down from 25 million today.

Australian National Review reported on this global population data,sourced from Governments years ago, but didn’t know why it projected that.

75% reduction in GDP.

60% population reduction in the US and Europe by 2025.

Anyone wants to roll up their sleeve and volunteer?

Or has anyone already rolled up their sleeve and volunteered.

Ties in with the 3 years, on average life expectancy, Scientists are saying those who take a certain jab will live for.

Mmm something to ponder.

All inadvertent of course.

I would never suggest this rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly, Global Medical Experiment was being pushed deliberately and forcibly, and after massive vaccine death and injuries they would refuse to stop it but push it even harder and then censor the truth and hide the deaths and then try and blame it on a Greek alphabet of made up variants to continue the medical experiment for even longer.

Here’s what others had to say:

Ian Waugh
Worse than that Jamie McIntyre , last Deagal estimates before they removed from website had Aust at 11 million, US 91 million & UK 20 million, to name a few.

Dan Ryan
Jamie McIntyre do you think the gov can actually afford to keep implementing lock downs?
Senator Matthew Canavan, Deputy Leader of Nations pointed out in his recent parliament speech that the sydney lockdown is costing an estimate $1.5million per day and at 35 days now that’s $5.3billion dollars, to avoid 4000 cases at a cost of $1.3m per case found. Also mentioned we’re nearly 1 trillion in debt as a country. He was highlighting how ridiculously expensive the lock downs are and how even with 80% vaccination levels, the cases will continue to grow and we should learn to live with the illness and no continue lock downs for many reasons.

Penne Katey
Jamie I’ve just written you a message, I’m at my wits end here on the GC being discriminated against for medical exemption not wearing a mask and to try to coerce me for the double jabbed etc
Please can you read my messages?
Thank you and please please, I’m feeling at the end and I don’t know what to do.

Carol Thompson
So I counted 6 mobile towers on my trip down the freeway this arvo? 5g what’s that all about? Does it have something to do with the Graphene oxide in the jabs?

Raa Ketu

John Melville
New Zealand population is going down to three million from five million but try to tell a kiwi that, you get the fluoride stare back you , or you get my government wouldn’t do that to me.

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