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Australian Government Ad How It Should Read

By Jamie McIntyre

Here’s what others had to say:

Tania Hunnisett
And this is the first time we’ve been lied to?? Of course not! Wake up Australia!

Matt Alexander
“I thought this was supposed to be an ad for smoking… and how did I get to 2021, I thought I was in the 90’s…. OMG, what happened to the music… it sucks now… and why are there so many sheep… where’s all the people?”

Sharon Josie
They can’t even run proper propaganda videos, they have to recycle the smoking ones.

Christina Pierias
I would be thinking the same thing. While govt was telling us to wait for the ‘vaxeen’ they let hundreds of people die when medication was available but banned for covid use!

Samantha Schmitter
I knew I’d seen that image before somewhere 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Roslyn Tycehurst
They are !

Rachael Kleine-Deters Knewstubb
Yep I remember this Ad…..and I knew it was from an ad when I saw this circulating….but you know…the sheeple.


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