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Aust Govt New Scare Tactic Ad, To Try and Convince To Partake in a Global Medical Experiment


Aust Govt New Scare Tactic Ad, To Try and Convince To Partake in a Global Medical Experiment

By Jamie McIntyre

This is what will happen if you take a Covid vaccine, not what would happen if you got COVID – Aust Govt new scare tactic ad,to try and convince to partake in a Global Medical Experiment.

I’ll give your family $1 million if you can die of Covid (if you’re under age 65 and have no co morbitities) as it isn’t even as bad as a mild flu season. Plus Chinese made products don’t last that long anyhow.

And $1 million dollar challenge the Covid vaccines will injure over 100 million, and kill milllions within 12 months or less.

And $5 million if anyone can proof it’s not a deliberate de population agenda pushed by the criminal cabal – Globalists – and that the bs 19 vaccines aren’t made of99% plus poisons.

Come on dodgy tv spruikers, and sell out politicians, – challenge me,if you are true leaders with courage – but you won’t as most of us already know your gutless cowards who can’t lie straight in bed.

And why would you ever put a Bs 19 patient on a ventilator- that’s murdering them – as it’s simply not what you would use to help a patient – especially when there plenty of low cost effective treatments

Take a bs 19 vaxx and your a total loser.

Don’t be a loser like our loser Governments and loser politicians- they and they Globalists can take your their own dodgy Covid poison disguised as a vaccine and shuff it up their…



Here’s what others had to say:

Chris Emson
I had covid last year. I felt a bit rough for a week. That’s all. Nowhere near as bad as the common cold. And I’m 72 with a dodgy heart valve. I’ve never seen so much BS pushed by ‘politicians’ and third rate bureaucrats.

Jiindi Jiindi
You could never pay me enough to be involved in such a lie, criminal shame on all that push this vile agenda….they all need to be on the Ventilators sipping their own medicine 😡🤬😡

Max Adorni
I was on a public market reseach for this probably over 12months ago. There was 4 adds very similar and they wanted us to choose the most emotive. At the time it was via zoom. There where 8 people on my call and the reseaech company. All I think at the time where towing the covid BS line except me. At the time I thought it would be coming out a few weeks after and yet here we are over 12 months later. This has been planned folks.

Nella Bartolozzi
Such pathetic rubbish. And if anyone believes this crap they are fools!!

Chris Wakeford
As we say here
First turn them off
Research non gov validated data
Ring MPs 24 hours a day asking for video appointments on their science?

Gavin Davis
They are panicking now as far too many have woken up to this rubbish. Question is what will they do now to force it on people?

Jason Tudorović
Absolutely pathetic scaremongering attempt. I would even say laughable.

Diana Lepetynska
I’m wondering about those guys who’ve created such video – you are totally loosers in medicine questions indeed! How could you dare of creating such “pornographic” content!?!

Diana Trpcevski
Is what happens after taking the jab?

Jacquie Groves
Not even a good crisis actor. Pathetic.

Grant Gebert
Good lord / the fearmongering is out of control. Do they not realise that the stats are available to anyone that chooses to look?

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