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At The Farm Last Weekend With My Dad


At The Farm Last Weekend With My Dad.

By Jamie McIntyre

At the farm last weekend with my dad.
My dads a man of integrity, more then I can say for our sell out politicians in Australia and Globally pushing the Bs 19 fraud and Bs Vaxx upon the vulnerable and innocents.

My dad is also smart enough to see through bullshit and won’t be taking a Bs 19 vaxx

There will be a severe price to pay for the traitors in this country, and Globally for the murder of the elderly and innocent babies amongst others, with the fraud of bs 19 and the bs Vaxx.

What type of people sell out their own country. Either the ignorant or leveraged, or criminals who would sell their grand ma to make a quick buck.
Mostly weak de masculinated men that have no honour and can be bought easily.

Mark my words.
In the honour of all those we love, we will make the traitors pay.
Crimes against humanity must never be tolerated.
They will beg for mercy, but I sense it will be too little late.
Our patience with the fraudsters is running out.

Their time is almost up.

Here’s what others had to say:


1. Brian Allen

2. Jane Lj
Beautiful picture of you both Jamie.

3. Monica Garay
You are awesome Jamie McIntyre ❤🙏true warrior. I need hope!

4. Lynette Compton
Beautiful picture.
Your Dad is a smart man.
Keep up the great work Jamie.

5. Dans Verita
Great warrior ! We will continue to fight for all.

6. Cheryl Davis
Thanks for helping me wake up last year. Love the photo. You’re a special kind of man Jamie.

7. Lyn Kennedy
Love you Jamie McIntyre.

8. Philippa Horvath
Love this Jamie. Bless you & your dad. ❤

9. Peter Bobo
That’s Why You Have To Stand Up ——– Freedom is not a choice.

10. Nellie-Grace Beverley
Heart-warming post Jamie… beautiful photo. 💚 one of the blessings to come out of BS-19, learning of Jamie McIntyre.

11. Nathan Mccarthy
Legends! Keep up the fight matey 👌👌

12. Corinna Slamons
I want to actually move to Queensland but the whole vaccine bullshit we can’t.

13. Rob Smrdel
My whole family will not be taking anything – my Dad believes it’s all BS as well 👍.

14. Gaye Shannon
My Mum is 90 in 10 days. Completely awake and will not be taking the BS vax!

15. Freedom Ssali
Thank you for the great work Jamie ❤

16. Liya Huynh
You’re a warrior Jamie!

17. Kylie Anderson
What also concerns me is the manipulative tactic the corrupt government possibly will take our seniors pensions? Our seniors deserve to have a pension after their hard
yards of labour.

18. Trudell Clark
We love you Jamie & Wayne Glew.

19. Ante Kasić
Love it ! With you all the way Jamie.

20. Marcus Azzam
God bless you both!

21. Deborah Martinez
Don’t let the government vaccinate your dad…many elderly have passed away due to this vaccine. God bless him!

22. Bob Janzen
Thanks, Jamie, for bringing this all out. More power to you and your Dad. Great photo.

23. Maddalena Ghayyoori
Amen Jamie 🙏👏👏👏👏

24. Michael Banyar
Precious Time.

25. Hine Iti

26. Roslyn Tycehurst
Hope you’re right Jamie.

27. Toni Laoulach
Beautiful to see the reverence for our elders.

28. Nicole Li Rosi
Beautifully said. Beautiful dad. ❤

29. Jim Woods
Keep informing Jamie as a “pandemic” is not politicized it’s treated ✔️ The fact this is politicized & folks don’t see it is unfortunately lack of – common sense!

30. Pauline Gough
Your dad must be very proud of you Jamie ♥️

31. Lorraine Chalfont
Bless you jamie and bless your dad ❤❤❤

32. Nia Ella
Thank you, Jamie 🙏

33. Steve Stuart
Hi Jamie’s DAD you have an AWSOME son well done.

34. Caz Bolding
Cheers to you Jamie!

35. Shelley Blanks
Well said Jamie.
The March in Sydney great turn out and a solid United presentation .
It should, can only grow.☺️🙌

36. Tania Warrick
Thank you, Jamie, for speaking so honestly and the truth.
I wish you were Australia’s Prime Minister.
I hope your dear dad keeps well, happy and wise for many years ahead

37. Heidi Bruce
This post makes me so happy and also so sad at the same time. ❤️

38. Shelly Harrod
Anyone who has relatives considering taking the vaccine just show them this video. Jamie McIntyre…/dr-sherri-tenpenny…/

39. Clare Spencer
We the people need people like you, it saddens me that you say all this and say its too late x

40. Nathan Trost
I think you’re right, but hopefully it’s not too late we can only hope enough people stand up and protest against this tyrannical bullshit, but it has to be done now!

41. Princess Isha
Lots of love and peace to you and your lovely father and Yaa I feel it’s never too late..❤️😘🙏

42. Sean Lynch
Great foto 👍❤️🌎🇺🇸🇦🇺🇬🇧

43. Steph Matthews
Go Jamie 👍❤️🙏🏻

44. Carly Wise
Oh, I love this. Amen!
So true. What a great pic Jamie McIntyre 🌸🌸🙏🙏🌈🌈

45. Suzanne Carter
Crimes against us. The people. They will be held accountable.

46. Christine Walters
You know, Jamie, I love so much about you ok.
. . . I love your vitality, integrity, tenacity, wisdom, knowledge, clarity, honesty and optimism. Yeah . . .maybe it’s thanks to your Dad. We need the good outspoken men now.
Alot of the activists around me are women. We love it when the men get involved and work from their heart and soul.
Anyway . . Many thanks Jamie. Love your work.

47. David Cooper
Well said Jamie McIntyre 😊

48. Aaron McDonald
Nev is looking well 😀

49. Katina Demetriou
Absolutely…these are times for everyone to turn to God and pray as a collective, the light always win.. these criminals will pay..🙏

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