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Are they out to de populate the planet? $1 million they are?


Are they out to de populate the planet? $1 million they are?

By Jamie McIntyre

We can only live in denial for so long. Delude ourselves it’s just a conspiracy, as they murder your granny, and now they are coming for your children – if you let a family member or friend take a Bs 19 vaxx they’ll only on average last another 3 years.(according to Doctors) and develop serious side effects within 6-12 months, apart from the 3% that die or get sick straight away. Gates even has stated 700,000 will die or be injured from the initial vaxx’s.



Here’s what others had to say:

monalisa__1989 (Mona Lisa)
Thank you for fighting against this BS

Love how IG so conveniently removed all sound when try to watch your video. Sighs

Fuck yes brother. Absolutely on point 🙌🏼

plr2420 (Phil Reynolds)
The World is Waking, love your Passion Jamie ! Keep talking the Truth as i am mate, Take care !

jasmina.j.bella (J.Bella)
Common sense has left ! But yet I meet may Aussies that HAVE common sense so honestly with all the censorship it’s hard to truly no who is going to stand up.

blakemanboys (Kerry V S Blakeman)
Spot on Jamie, well said!👍🏼

Agree with everything you’re saying but wish your delivery wasn’t so ‘aggressive’ and condescending towards viewers ! People will listen more if not spoken to as if they were ‘idiots’ ! 🤷‍♀️

fionadeoz (Fiona Clark)
Audio fluctuating 🔉 apart from that great vid, speaking truth

marybuckleytravel (Mary Buckley)
Keep up your messaging! Hopefully word is spreading 👏

The NS time of Germany actually saved itself from Communism and these same international predators! The holohoax is also a fraud…just like this. This was planned long ago and it’s very much from the same tribe who follow talmud

@mcintyrejamie can you please provide the name and author of the book you mention in your commentary regarding the great vaccine 🙏

Reply- mcintyrejamie
@2tallp my book the great vaccine con see opt in for free to get it

I agree, what I’m struggling to understand is why do they want to de-populate the world, what in it for them to do that ? On a second note yes definitely against this vaccine, why because two of my aunties had the vaccine, you get a massive fever after words for at least 7 days if not worse and the other Aunty was healthy and got corona after the vaccine and is still battling it. Another fact is a proper vaccine has to have at least 7-10 years of proven tests done and there is a lot of strokes and blood clots all around the world, so why would people want to take that risk 😮 @mcintyrejamie

I agree with @mcintyrejamie but as you say it’s so far down the road it’s terrible and many people I know globally are excited to be jabbed.

robbox (John ROBBO Robertson)
Keep up the good work The biggest conspiracy theory at the moment is thinking that the mainstream manipulation are telling you the truth throughout this shot show plandemic a bit like anything that’s gets fact checked it because it’s factual and if the covidiots see it labaled as such they go on and believe the shit show narrative.

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