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Anyone want to learn how to kill and injure people legally and profit handsomely. Just $397 for a ticket to mass bs 19 vaxx. Bargain


Anyone want to learn how to kill and injure people legally and profit handsomely. Just $397 for a ticket to mass bs 19 vaxx. Bargain

By Jamie McIntyre

Here’s what others had to say:


1. momentum_tiling (Lukasz)
Biggest bullshit scam no virus just control over people. The more people I speak to say the same thing but still a lot of people sleeping Wake fuck up

2. nikkibryson3 (Nikki Bryson)
Is this an actual thing? 😮😢 Is there a link? I have way too many doubters in my life.
Most still go with the “it’s to protect us” and “if we just do it, life will return to normal”
It’s so draining trying to inform people and get any form of mind opening happening

3. raelene_j_burnie (Raelene Burnie)
💉 ❎ ❎❎❎ no no no and no!!!

4. mybrotherskeepertv (My Brothers Keeper)
Just a thought people let’s all do this and destroy there product. Under dangerous poison’s!! So you have to pay to get a ticket. How many people are making money off these evil lies. I don’t believe in religion but I do god, but I’m praying for the vulnerable they have scared them into thinking this is deadly✌🏽✊🏽💙

5. darren.boyle.35 (Darren Boyle)
This is beyond words anymore the level of stupid has struck an all time low.

6. sdzimmdesignssteampunk (SDZimm_Designs)
Yehhh, no thanks, lol!…😝

7. lessthanzero_o (Person)
Why not infiltrate? Always good to know the method… and

8. wisehealthsydney (Wise Health)
I hope they at the very least teach them how to gain Informed Consent from their patients and let them know that since we can’t sue the manufacturers the population can come back to them if proper informed consent is not gained because they failed to disclose ingredients and possible reactions. Mmm 🤔 I don’t think this will happen somehow.

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