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Anthony Robbins Highlighting the Over Reaction of Fear Over Covid as Death Rates Haven’t Increased At All And It’s No More Deadly Than a Flu


Anthony Robbins Highlighting the Over Reaction of Fear Over Covid as Death Rates Haven’t Increased At All And It’s No More Deadly Than a Flu.

By Jamie McIntyre

Anthony Robbins (who has been one of my mentors for decades) highlighting the over reaction of fear over Covid as “death rates haven’t increased at all, and it’s no more deadly then a flu”.

I was in Hawaii with Tony in 1994 when a Doctor friend exposed the “AIDS scam” which is where Gates and Fauci cut their teeth on lying with statistics and started pushing the vaccine agenda.

It’s not that AIDS wasn’t killing people, but the same trick was used to extract massive taxpayer money (they simply expand the definition of what you can die of and be counted as AIDS to show graph going up creating a false impression of a deadly pandemic and then the flood gates of Govt money open to WHO (Gates controlled non government organisation) and the drug companies.

It’s called crony capitalism which is destroying capitalism and capitalism is then blamed for not working to bring in communism when it’s the fraud of crony capitalism (which is effectively communism – theft by those behind the scam).

Gates wealth has double from $54 billion to $105 billion since he started his vaccine agenda whilst killing thousands and injuring millions and making so many infertile (deliberately playing God over whether women can ever have babies) over a lie pushed the world will overpopulate.

Dangerous megalomaniacs with socialist tendencies who are risking entire humanity with a dangerous, deadly, unproven, unnecessary and rushed to market Covid vaccine for a falsified pandemic.

This is why since April last year I called out the fraud of Covid and put up $1 million challenges.

I also wrote a book “The Great Vaccine Con”, “Warning about the fraud of this industry in 2016 and what was planned with mandatory vaccines”.

You can get a free copy when opt in at

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