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A Sobering Message for Young People – Take the Jab and You’ll Become a Modern Day Leper


A Sobering Message for Young People – Take the Jab and You’ll Become a Modern Day Leper

By Jamie McIntyre

A sobering message for
Young people thinking of taking a bs jab.
Take the jab and you’ll become a modern day leper.
Many will never have sex with you, as you’re infected with spike proteins – you become a dangerous public health threat.
You’ll be required to state it for the safety of others.
And young women – if you never want to have kids,or at least not a healthy one, then by all means take a jab . Saves taking the pill for life .
It makes women infertile, plus death is pretty infertile to –
And did I forget – scientists have stated those who take the jab have a 3 year life expectancy – maybe they are wrong -might be only 2 years.
Don’t mean to scare you – but if you’re dumb enough to join rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly, untested, unproven,insane,fraudulent Global Medical Experiment because you’re scared of something less deadly then being hit by lightening ,then your as good as dead already.
Article on a whole generation of infertility.

Here’s what others had to say:

Lesley Peden
So this was sent out to construction workers and now they are scared of loosing their jobs. I just wish someone would start getting this before the courts etc to stop this jab being mandated

Angela Lyth
Hey Jamie McIntyre.. please help ., where can I find this evidence ?? I have you g people in my world that will get v’d unless I educate

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