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A Response to Some Supposedly Intelligent Australian Who Has Taken Two Jabs and Has Become a Vax Extremists


A Response to Some Supposedly Intelligent Australian Who Has Taken Two Jabs and Has Become a Vax Extremists

By Jamie McIntyre

A response to some supposedly intelligent Australian who has taken two jabs and has become a vaccine extremists and dodgy drug spruiker for free

Pushing it upon the innocent and vulnerable
She said she felt sorry for me for questioning vaccine safety

My response
You won’t when you’re dying in agony from a rushed to market,untested, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly, poison disguised as a vaccine for a Global Medical Experiment to protect you from something that to fear,
“in the words of the Global Health Organisation, and many independent doctors and Scientists,
“ if you don’t fear the common flue then you have no need to fear Covid.

Ranking down to 2 out of 10 level health threat.
You’d jump in your car and drive with a 1 in a 106 chance of dying.
Yet take a unproven poison, to protect you from something less likely to kill you then being struck by lightening.

Why ?
Because the id**t box told you we have a Covid pandemic.
Such a bad pandemic they have to falsify deaths.
Not to mention invent cases of healthy people.

So deadly
90% have no symptoms ( because they aren’t sick )
10% wow get flu symptoms.
Statistically not one in hundred need ICU.

Because that’s what it is
A collection of flu’s rebranded to scare dumb people.
And PCR Test kit ?

Does that accurately test Covid?
We know the answer to that
No according to its inventor.

$1 million Challenge Covid is a falsified pandemic.
Anyone is welcome to come on my show and state a credible argument that we should partake in this insane Global Medical Experiment for a “ man flu “.
I also wanted to create a vaccine for stupid people , but 4 companies beat me to it.
Enjoy the great health and protection those jabs give you.

By all means if people want to kill them selves and their family for 2 Krispy Kreme donuts, go for it.
Less traffic soon , so the better.
But don’t go being a vaccine extremist,pushing a dodgy drug upon othersx
Leave that to the dodgy tv spruikers who are paid to, or hapless unqualified politicians

Here’s what others had to say:

Valentin Trajkov
Instead of writing shit why don’t you do what that guy did in Canada, take them to court or get a fine & challenge it in court supena proof of this so called virus. You have the funds to do it.

Karen Molnar
Oh I just saw someone get a Kmart voucher for getting the arm poison. WTF !!! These people pushing the vaxxx agenda have really sold their souls to the devil

Ricky Lee
Jamie McIntyre how do u produce a vaccine for a virus if the virus has never been isolated?

Donz Mat
Jamie McIntyre listen to this, this guy asked for material evidence in court of cov existence and they couldn’t show any and he won.

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