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A Million dollar challenge for all those dodgy politicians in Australia (and Globally), plus Bill Gates, to take minimum of 3 doses off the Bs 19 Vaxx for Bs 19 and suffer no adverse reactions


A Million dollar challenge for all those dodgy politicians in Australia (and Globally), plus Bill Gates, to take minimum of 3 doses off the Bs 19 Vaxx for Bs 19 and suffer no adverse reactions.

By Jamie McIntyre

A Million dollar challenge for all those dodgy politicians in Australia (and Globally), plus Bill Gates, to take minimum of 3 doses off the Bs 19 Vaxx for Bs 19, and suffer no adverse reactions.

A Bonus if some of them die from it. (Joking as we shouldn’t mean harm to those who are intent to wipe billion’s of us off the planet, leaving only the elite criminal cabal puppet masters.)

Sco mo the Australian Prime Minister is pretending to take the Bs vaccine- can’t they come up with a better dodgy sales trick then pretending to take it.

We beg our sell out leaders to actually take the real vaccine, so we can eliminate the real virus- that is the gutless politicians and media personalities that are traitors to humanity and our country.

Only the dumbest of the dumb would take a Bs 19 vaxx.

Let’s see how many that is shall we.

I’ve made plenty of predictions and sadly usually right.
Many will lose loved ones from this bs 19 vaxx starting within weeks or months, many more will require full time medical care and the Govt will cover up your loved one’s death or injury saying they had existing co morbitities or no prove it was the bs 19 vaxx and pay you zero compensation.

Best to get any of your family who is fooolish enough to take it, to get their will in place and say goodbye to them just in case they don’t survive to the second shot.

Here’s what others had to say:


1. Nathan Mccarthy
The elites will most likely stage an event of them injecting vitamin C or even water to again fool the mass.

2. Frankie la Rey
This is why I have a frequency machine for some natural healing against off this BS.

3. Carl Mailo
It’s funny
Our leaders are expecting sis to follow them by taking the jab
Will they also lead us into war in the front line?
I think not
Yet they didn’t take pay cuts during a supposed pandemic
Yet opted for a pay rise

4. Lee Lutton
Televising a vaccine in front of cameras is called sales and marketing for their product.

5. Natalie Farmer
And dressed in green and gold whilst wearing an Aussie nappy across his filthy mouth!!

6. Slavko P Stipković
ScoMo the Judas goat

7. Rose Christie
Drain the swamp

8. Shaz Oom
Hope they doubled the amount of potassium chloride in it for him coz he deserves it, as do all of them.

9. Gabriele Frenkel
Wake up – the cap is still on.

10. Stuart Smith
The only way they could have squeezed in any more symbolism is if Scomo had a Vegemite sandwich in one hand and a cricket bat in the other.

11. Michael Halabi
I can’t believe how hard they are pushing this crap
Just like they did in 1979 swine flu, have anyone seen the video
I have
Australia was mentioned out directly
As false claims, using cases
Then finally they were exposed to lies
By a top doctor who worked with them
Look it up
Or I can send it

12. Helen O’Neill
That’s the contempt with which he holds the Australian people and everyone in this country
Branding up to get a pretend shot WITH THE FRICKIN LID STILL ON
I don’t need to access my medical training to know and see that!!

13. Nina Williams
Won’t be the vaccine haha, maybe he needs a vit b shot or maybe iron or something.. good try sco mo.

14. Lynne Marshall DeVisser
They forgot to take the cap off💉

15. Vesna Piculovski
The cap is on the needle.

16. Anita Kilkenny
Still has the cap on. LOL.

17. Brendan Roach
We are all fucked. They are doing the roll out exactly as planned. They will eventually get to us. We have been accounted for.
Ur land ur own sovereignty plan is the best idea I think Jamie McIntyre 🙏🙏

18. Kaye Smith
So very sad that people are still sleeping and refuse to wake up 🙄🙄

19. Burgo Cuanon
Spot on Jamie 💯

20. Maree Watson
This is a vitamin shot, placebo or similar…I doubt very much that vial contains the poison COVID shot

21. Juke Alexander
Might help to take the safety cap of the needle! 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

22. Georgia Stavrakis
Yeah, they won’t take it as it will knock them our for 6! If we see them cavorting about the next day or two that is confirmation that they didn’t get it.

23. Georgia Stavrakis
This is what will be used instead to fool the masses

24. Regina Knowles
Oh, see I’m having the jab, maybe it’s that new bute retractable needle syringe works like its doing its job but as soon as the needle touches the flesh it retracts into the syringe,
what a joke, and its on all the populations.

25. Peter Gorbenko
They’re not elites, globalists scum.

26. Zaher Neket
The cap is still on Hahahahaha then he says – “This Saline Solution better not upset my Stomach Lady.”

27. Sheila Maclurkin
What a joke Placebo for sure.

28. Raewyn Coulter
The pink cap still on 🤦

29. Penny Haddock
A few less sheep is no loss to me!! Some ppl will never wake up.

30. Arlea Jay
It’s probably not even scomo… mask disguises that!

31. Sonja Naude
The cap is on and even if they try to argue past it, his arm is still dented in at the ‘injection site’ as they ‘pull the needle out’ 😂😂😂 It is so obvious, are they trying to warn us not to take it, lol?

32. Rocco Toldo
He making fun of us dressed in his Aussie out fit when normally his in a suit.

33. Ben Sweetman
Thats the orange cap still on that syringe.

34. Jamie Finch
Looks like it’s an insulin syringe with the cap still on.

35. Michelle Gillard Newby
The cap is on, end of story.

36. Elle Jay
The old man next door here is 97 and asked why is it you never see the nurse rake a new syringe out of the plastic? They constantly reuse needles and laughs. Then says mate i was born yesterday.

37. Bret Sommer
Another scam as the orange cap is still on! Do politicians really think we are all that stupid, or is it just dodgy Scott from marketing?

38. Cee Cee
‘Apparently’ today Scomo was v@xxed live on camera. 😂
Should we take this at face value?
There are many tricks.
Did you know that there are retractable devices that don’t even pierce the skin? Really good film props.
Should we blindly trust politicians?
Aren’t they well known to be professional liars?

39. Lara Matthews
He’s missing his red gimp ball in that mask too 🤦‍♀️ …wardrobe!!

40. Sara Pepers-Hiltrop
Nice pic of the cap still on lol

41. Daniel Ohall
The question is why do we have to see all these psychopaths get any medical procedures, what’s next prostate exams?

42. Teresa Cornell
The lengths our politicians are going to in order to convince us to take the vaccine! If this plandemic was SO deadly people wouldn’t need any convincing they’d be lining up in droves! Me, I say NO THANKS to Bill Gates rushed vaccine! 😡

43. Ally Barba
Please some officials explain how this product that they now say doesn’t stop infection only symptoms, doesn’t stop transmission either but can give people herd immunity 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ herd immunity to what?? Why is no one discussing this Jamie McIntyre ? Please start asking this question 😉 and if it’s the wonderful product and our salvation to normal life again why has MSM not been all over it giving it gold star accolades and interviewing all the dimwits who’ve taken the jab?

44. Daniel Maroki
flu has vaccine and still kills 45K-60k every year wake up it’s just a money making scam. Bill Gates vaccinate Indian children with the experimental polio vaccine half of the them were paralysed billy boy was kicked out of India as a result.

45. Tammy-Louise Neho
Yep anyone can fake a vaccination!!! Gahhh the governments think we’re thick.

46. Klien Hicks
I will never believe it until they come to a town with a truck of loaded vaccines and a registered nurse/doctor. They then get a person from public (NOT AN ACTOR THEY PUT IN PLACE), a real person to pick one of the vaccines. Then the registered nurse/doctor can jab them in front of everyone.
What their doing is nonsense. How do I know that’s not even water???
He is also WEARING A MASK. Signifying he Supports DELETING INDIVIDUALITY. This guy is supposed to be running our country. Pffft!!!

47. Jay Richters
I want to know why they are using an insulin syringe for a vaccine?

48. Jamie Gibbs
They didn’t even take the orange cap off the syringe 💉!
That’s how pathetic this is

49. Jesse James
Fake virus pushed by a shit commie government.

50. Boz Klinsić
Why is there a cover over the needle ??

51. Paul Macdonald
Great post
If only that was bleach hey

52. Chris Anton
Who says we don’t want some of these law-abiding criminals to drop off like flies? I just love a happy ending.

53. Rhonda Elle LivingStone
I’m happy to take my share and shove it in scummos arm.

54. Steve Stuart
I’m just a humble truck driver but shouldn’t you have taken the cap off the needle b4 u inject that Muppet with that flag on his face.

55. Vania Howard
Looks like a lot more than 0.3ml went into that arm today.

56. Kaye Le Fleur
It’s not even a va cc ine look up the ingredients.

57. Jay Steinhardt
Cap is on just like the premiers of qld was when she got her fake flu shot.

58. Ben Genat
Filthy scum

59. Nicole Marie
I believe he received a jab, but I don’t believe he received the covid jab.

60. Ciroc Gin
Placebo shot..Thinks we are all stupid.

61. Mark Byford
The covers still on 🤣🤣love this stuff it’s better than all the news and media ever imagined they could conjure up 👍

62. Tom Schofield
Politicians are essential workers.

63. Brett J Mason
Good advise 👍🏻🙏🏻

64. Scott Dawson
Talk about “balls deep”. That’s a lot of pressure applied to depress the skin like that. Almost like there’s no needle..

65. Ben Jammin
Even SloMo’s mum is sick of the BS!

66. Soleil Soleil
Is that an orange cap on the end of that needle? Even Paul Murray on Skye news last night was making fun of people who thought Scomos jab was fake- lost any respect -for any journos.


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