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6 dangerous conspiracy theories destroying us


6 dangerous conspiracy theories destroying us

By Jamie McIntyre

I agree we need to stop listening to conspiracy theories – they are dangerous and not based in fact and are deadly – we must all unite to stamp these 6 dangerous conspiracy theories out, and those pushing them must be put behind bars . Australian National Review.


Here’s what others had to say:

Jamie I cannot express how BRILLIANT you are….NO GUTS NO GLORY…..TRUTH in every word you speak…we STAND UNITED behind you.❤️

I still want to know about the transmission between the people that got the shot and the people that didn’t.

Beautifully done mate….(hey, even my comments are mysteriously disappearing)…and I’m a nobody…haha.

Brilliant once again Jaime, nailed it 😃💉💀👍

Yes, yes, and yes… spot on!!! And they are going to try and keep the hamster wheel rolling with their ridiculous BS variants and more booster jabs.
FYI/ This is NOT a vaccine Jamie!!! Dint give it that credit. It’s an experimental Jab. When you refer it to that it some how sinks in a little better to the zombies brains.. just a little!!!

But, truth is coming out!!! It will win and prevail 🙏🙏🙏

Mate be careful you might have a heart attack

Well done @mcintyrejamie2 👏 l9ve your style and love your work. I have just purchased 10 acres north of the Central Coast and i would love to know more about your mini “cities” you plan to build. I can’t wait to find out more ❤️ One last thing, you sound like you have the flu? Rest up and get better soon, the country needs you ❤️

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