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$10 million that Covid is a fraud.


$10 million that Covid is a fraud.

By Jamie McIntyre



The Covid fraud is beyond a joke now, especially the damage it’s doing to what’s left of our “democratic institutions“.

I put up a $1 million dollar challenge months ago that the Covid deaths were inflated.

I’ve just put up $10 million that Covid is a fraud.

To call out this dangerous political bullshit, and to call out our dodgy politicians, or news journalists, supporting this ludicrous fraud.

Or any of the dumbest of the dumb in society still asleep and thinking Covid is a global pandemic.

Having more degrees then brains sadly is what gives the corrupted politicians and corrupted mainstream the power to manipulate society and expect us to believe this utter nonsense.

Anyone with common sense and third grade mathematical ability could quickly assess its a blatant fraud and done for political agendas.

The excuse of a virus is a Trojan horse to push through a one world “Facist, Totalitarian Agenda” which includes the removal of civil liberties and human rights and preparing us for their “Great Reset “socialistic/communistic Globalists agenda.

I would start preparing for war.

As the war has started, and they intend forcibly vaccinating us next year with a Bill Gates dodgy and dangerous vaccine which we don’t need nor want.

The good news is you aren’t going to die of Covid. But stupidity can be very deadly.

Humans will only have themselves to blame if they don’t call out the bullshit now.

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