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1.1M Australians that Have Joined Forces to Hold the Australian Government Accountable, and Demand an Exit to the WHO


1.1M Australians Have Joined Forces to Hold the Australian Government Accountable, and Demand an Exit from the WHO

I am not going to pretend the news of the Digital ID Bill passing is not horrendous.

In one way, I’m glad they are showing their true colors because it is time for Australians to take this country back.

The more aggressive they become in pushing us into a one-world government, the angrier more Australians will become, and it will motivate them into action. It’s just a fact.

For the Feds who love to monitor this channel and innocent Australians: No, I don’t mean violence. I am talking about people like me who, with every inch you take, become more determined to defeat this takeover of our country.

I am not deterred. We fight on.

1.1M Australians have just joined forces to hold the Australian government accountable and demand an exit to the WHO.

We are not defeatists. We are not weak. We will not stop fighting for humanity.




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