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Q and A with Australian National Review Founder re Covid

By Staff Reporter

Can anyone here please explain, as according to varying information here on this channel .. either the Covid 19/ sars 2 exists and was released as a bioweapon or according to other posts virus & especially Covid 19  / sars2 is all a big fat lie . So which is it???? Both theories cannot be true.

Either way it’s not particularly deadly – and most considered to have had Covid -( no accurate test kit for Covid ) simply had any number of flues and Coronavirus’s- so the version created at Wuhan ( like most Chinese products haven’t been particularly effective – although possible the longest lasting Chinese product ever made ) the real bioweapon is the vaccines.


Covid as a Trojan horse

Create the problem
Get a reaction
Offer the solution ie bs 19 jab
Which will kill and injure on mass and cover up the fraud that Covid never was a deadly pandemic

And usher   in the Great Reset

A planned totalitarian communistic agenda to enslave the remaining humans the vaccines don’t kill

Both versions still are a big fat lie

As we don’t have a global pandemic

It’s a falsified one


Fair enough. Although I think & maybe others think as I do, that to put up opposing stories & (I’m sorry but bio weapon does not denote something harmless.) Does not help the cause ( the cause being us against the globalist) .

The bioweapon out of Wuhan was always suspected, but until recently the evidence wasn’t forthcoming

Either way, it hasn’t been particularly deadly – no more so than many flu seasons

So it remains a falsified pandemic

And the purpose to Introduce a deadly bioweapon

Injected into people under the false pretense it’s a vaccine and will help stop COVID

For something that we don’t need a vaccine for


I agree – to a certain extent. I do wonder if the virus didn’t exist then why would they make Ivermectin & hcq illegal to prescribe for Covid?

Agreed, as stated in a recent interview by Riener Fuellmich, Facit will be the fall guy to blame the CCP, but the trust is it was the cabal n Drosten who used the lab leak as excuse to put it all into motion


Yes I know. But question is if the virus is indeed a hoax then why would they go some much trouble to prevent people from taking these medications?

Simply as they can’t push untested rushed to market Covid vaccines under emergency powers if other alternative treatments existed – thus Gates funded people to overdose innocents on Hyrdoxychlorquine and kill them to show studies it wasn’t safe in both England and Brazil

What’s a few deaths for tens of billions extra profits


They don’t

Has COVID killed anyone that wasn’t already sick and dying?

Any proof they had Covid

Any proof of autopsy’s

3.7 m claimed Covid deaths

Zero evidence of a single death by autopsy

Yet how many dead and injured by the Covid vaccines so far

It now appears hundreds of thousands dead ( consider Vaers deletion of most deaths ) and 1.5 m adverse reactions which we now know is a fraction of the real number

Give it 3-6 months, 12 months

Millions of dead and hundreds of millions injured

To stop a man flu

It isn’t inadvertent

If it was they would said sorry
Didn’t realise anyone would die of the vaccine

Well stop

But they push it on
Harder then ever

That’s deliberate

They cover deaths – that’s deliberate

They falsified Covid deaths

That’s deliberate

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