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Michelle Barlow (51-years-old) Died from Blood Clots to the Lungs and Thrombocytopenia After Getting the AstraZeneca Vax

By Staff Reporter

Michelle Barlow (Age: 51)

Died on 23rd March 2021 From Blood Clots to the Lungs and Thrombocytopenia After the AstraZeneca 7th March 2021

Michelle developed flu-like symptoms within days after the vaccine and then a week later she developed severe headaches, diarrhoea and sickness for which her GP gave her medication.

She got progressively worse and worse and she was admitted to hospital on 20th March.

She was found to have low blood platelets and two clots on her lungs and she sadly died three days after being admitted to hospital.

Michelle had no underlying Health Conditions before the Vaccine.


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