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HORRIFIC! – FIVE Jet Blue Airlines Pilots DEAD, Media Intentionally Hiding Vaxx Fears


HORRIFIC! – FIVE Jet Blue Airlines Pilots DEAD, Media Intentionally Hiding Vaxx Fears

By Stew Peters Show

BREAKING NOW! Five Jet Blue Airlines pilots are confirmed dead, current Jet Blue pilot whistleblower confirms push for jab continues.


Here’s what others had to say:

another Nuremberg trial… coming up…

Christ is on the throne now. Don’t give more credit or strength to Satan than he deserves. Christ has already won. We are just carrying out his plan through faithfulness.

The Corruption is far greater than at Nuremberg time. It’s beyond belief.

My wife is a retired physician and did pilot medicals. Pilots aren’t olympians but they are above average in good health. Something is wrong for so many pilots passing away.

Pilots at Jet Blue, British Airways, Delta Airlines…Pilots have extensive physical exams every 6 months! They need to compare their blood work right after their death.

They don’t want us to have competent pilots, doctors, nurses, mechanics, bus drivers, oil workers, electricians, construction workers, engineers, equipment operators, ect. we will really be hurting for people who can do anything. This of coarse will be the people who are not vaccinated.

You would have to be crazy to fly, to have elective procedures of ANY kind, to have you kid in public schools, or leave your elderly parents in the care of a skilled nursing facility. Stay out of the cities and protect your own.

hey stew rumble is compromised I’m try n to say negative things about the jab and rumble is censoring me

Dang I’m from Canada apparently my province is like 80% vaccinated (at least once), and the way things are going… it’s gonna be one hell of a ride when all these b******s start dropping like flies.

It looks like successively has successfully taken over 🇨🇦 West Coast because if we’re all dead their ships can roll up and dock. And that’s not out of the question since they own almost all of British Columbia so they’re going to come over here to protect their assets.

OR, maybe they are hoping people will be afraid to fly once the planes start falling out of the sky. Then this would play right into the hands of *The Green New Deal* with no Airplanes putting off carbon emissions. That’s what they want.

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