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Davide Bristot: A Healthy Young Volleyball Player Rest In Peace After the Pfizer Vax


Davide Bristot: A Healthy Young Volleyball Player Rest In Peace After the Pfizer Vax

By Staff Reporter

Davide, 18-years-old (Italy) was a healthy young man who was active and grew up playing volleyball. On June 17, 2021, he took the Pfizer vaccine. According to his parents, sometime in July he started experiencing headaches and vomiting which lasted a few days. His parents then took him to a local hospital. It was there the doctor examined him and claimed he seemed ok. Sadly on July 14, 2021 his mother found him unresponsive in his bedroom the following day. His parents are now waiting on autopsy results and an investigation into the doctor’s diagnosis the day he was taken to the hospital.

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