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The Global  Economic Forum has launched recently  to compete against the Corrupted World Economic Forum


The Global Economic Forum launched recently, stating it wishes to “compete against the Corrupted World Economic Forum “ It also stated it will support, and encourage more businesses to not discriminate against the unvaccinated. Plus it said it is supportive of business owners, if they rightfully ban those who get a rushed to market Covid Jab, that is killing and injuring more and more every day.

You can download a scathing report by its sister organisation the Global Health Organisation that also recently launched, about the Covid fraud and corrupted World Health Organisation.

Visit: https://globaleconomicforum.org to download

You can also visit the Global Health Organisation at: www.ghorganisation.com

If you are a business that will continue to service the unvaccinated then you van opt in on the site to be added to new business directories that the unvaccinated can support.
Or if your business will not service customers that have taken a Covid jab due to the risk they pose to staff and other customers and the lack of insurance to cover against them in your business then you also can be added to a directory.

The Global Economic Forum will support businesses that refuse to support the Covid fraud and will assist in naming and shaming any business or large corporation that does such as McDonalds, Krispy Kreme, Airlines such as Qantas, and others.

The Global Economic Forum, says it was founded by the people for the people. A not for profit foundation to compete against the corrupted world economic forum that’s pushing the deadly and dangerous totalitarian “Great Reset” by pushing the Covid fraud and its deadly agendas.

The Global Economic Forum supports the “Great Awakening” not the “Great Reset” and aims to empower a whole New world initiative of businesses and ecosystem for those entrepreneurs and global citizens that refuse to accept or participate in the Covid fraud.

It will support new institutions and new opportunities and new systems to support a new world initiative for the people by the people.



Gold Coast hair salon refuses service to customers who have had COVID-19 vaccine because of ‘unknown health effects’

By Warren Barnsley and Carly Madsen

A Queensland business owner is refusing customers who have received a COVID-19 vaccine because of information she discovered on “the rabbit warren of the internet”.

Yazmina Jade Adler, who has previously made headlines for claiming she cured her period pain by applying menstrual blood to her skin, owns the Khemia HI Vibe Frequency hair salon on the Gold Coast.

Originally from Melbourne, Adler’s Palm Beach business also provides “crystal healing” and “frequency technology and sound healing for your full mind body hair experience”.

In social media posts, she explained why she made a rule stating “we are not your hairdresser if you have had the COVID vax”.

“The unknown health effects of the mRNA vaccine are not covered by our public liability insurance,” she said on the Facebook and Instagram pages for her business.

“We also have to take into consideration the 1000s of reported side effects this shot has shown so far … such as – viral shedding of the uterus, seizures, clotting, bleeding, interruption to the menstrual cycles and death.”

Gold Coast business owner Yazmina Jade Adler.

Gold Coast business owner Yazmina Jade Adler.

She apologised for “inconvenience” to customers but said “the safety of our staff and existing clients is our priority’, also claiming COVID-19 vaccines were an “experimental injection”.

She reiterated the claims in a series of Instagram videos that the vaccines can have an adverse impact on menstrual cycles.

“So when I heard about what was going on with a lot of women globally around this shot, I was just like, a full-body ‘no’.”

The post on the hair salon’s Instagram page.

The post on the hair salon’s Instagram page.

Adler is not alone in Queensland in denying COVID-vaccinated customers service.

The Jimboomba Massage and Wellness Clinic has displayed a sign on its shopfront saying it “will not be accepting any clients who have taken the experimental vaccine”.

“The decision has been made in consultation with our insurance company, as well as health professionals,” the sign read.

After being approached by 7NEWS, Adler admitted she acquired her views on the vaccine based on information on “the rabbit warren of the internet”, including “different medical sites and lots of different doctors speaking about this”.

Adler’s business claims to provide “crystal healing” and “frequency technology and sound healing for your full mind body hair experience”.

Adler’s business claims to provide “crystal healing” and “frequency technology and sound healing for your full mind body hair experience”.

“It just comes back to ‘we don’t know enough’,” she said.

“A lot of side effects I’m hearing in different forums are related to women’s menstrual health, and also clotting and seizures.

“I’m concerned about the viral kind of shedding. A lot of women in particular are experience shedding from their uterus that’s just randomly happening.

“Also, people who’ve had it, if they were to have some sort of reaction in my salon and in my shop, we’re not covered by our insurance company for that.”

She also claimed the “stuff that’s in” the vaccine can be transmitted from one person to another.

“From what I am reading and hearing, it’s coming through sweat, it’s coming through spit, it’s coming through the air. So it’s being shared,” she said.

Asked if she was discriminating against vaccinated customers, Adler responded, “it’s my business”.

“We as business owners get to make that decision,” she said.

In Queensland, it is not illegal to discriminate against someone for medical reasons.

Khemia HI Vibe Frequency owner Yazmina Jade Adler spoke to 7NEWS about her decision.

Khemia HI Vibe Frequency owner Yazmina Jade Adler spoke to 7NEWS about her decision.

The law instead prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, relationship status, pregnancy, parental status, breastfeeding, age, race, impairment, religion, political belief or activity, trade union activity, lawful sexual activity, gender identify, sexuality and family responsibilities.

Gold Coast doctor Sonu Haikerwal said Adler’s policy was “completely absurd and ridiculous”.

“It’s dangerous. It promotes misinformation,” she said.

“These days you can put anything on the internet and there will be someone around the world who will promote an idea.”

A sign at the front of Jimboomba Massage and Wellness Clinic states the business’ anti-vaccinated customer policy.

A sign at the front of Jimboomba Massage and Wellness Clinic states the business’ anti-vaccinated customer policy. 

Michelle Wise, an obstetrics and gynaecology expert from the University of Auckland, said it was possible the COVID-19 vaccines could cause menstrual irregularities, but no research has been conducted to confirm if the effect was related to the vaccine.

“Anecdotal reports of some menstrual irregularities is not a reason to avoid getting the vaccine,” she wrote in The Conversation in late April.

“Getting infected with COVID-19 is much more likely to interfere with your health, including your menstrual health.”

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has not reported any cases of menstrual cycle issues in COVID-vaccine recipients in Australia.

Past claims

In 2019, Adler appeared on the SBS program Medicine or Myth? where she smeared her own menstrual blood on her face which she claimed her severe period pain.

“I saw doctors and their advice was to go on the pill,” she said.

“I didn’t want to put an extra hormone in my body.

“I’ve been using this remedy now for 10 months to a year and my cramping has gone.

“Every month I create a ritual meditation space and I use the blood in a way to connect, through putting it on my hand or anointing it on my third eye.”

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