CDC director resigns after being caught buying ‘Big Tobacco’ and vaccine maker Merck stock

CDC director resigns after being caught buying ‘Big Tobacco’ and vaccine maker Merck stock

If you had any doubts that the CDC is in bed with big pharma, this story should dispel them. However, what might shock you is that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is also cozy with ‘big tobacco’ and the junk food industry. (how crazy does that sound?!)

That’s right: CDC director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald has just been forced to resign due to the revelation that she owns shares of stock in big pharma, big tobacco and junk food companies.

CDC shows persistent pattern of defending and promoting harmful products

The disgraced former CDC director was found to have stocks in tobacco companies as well as the drug company Merck, which is well known for manufacturing many of the vaccines that are in use today. Many Merck products are actually defended (and promoted) by the CDC – despite their many known health hazards.

The scandal was exposed by Politico and then reported widely by outlets that include CNBC and UK Daily MailThe CDC director reportedly invested in these companies just a month after starting her new job. (I know, it’s incredible!)

Fitzgerald also owns shares in companies that sell unhealthy junk foods. In addition to Merck, the companies named include Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, Reynolds American, Altria Group, Bayer, Humana and Imperial Brands.

CDC caught promoting sugary soft drinks as healthy

This is clearly a gross conflict of interest, as the CDC makes major decisions about public health regularly. Many of these decisions are related to food and nutrition, pharmaceuticals and harmful products such as cigarettes.  Obviously, this is a big time ‘conflict of interest’ issue. (to say the least)

And, so now it makes perfect sense – when we see this so-called “health” agency promoting the use of vaccines, while downplaying their dangers and side effects. They clearly have a vested interest in selling more vaccines – led by its leadership.

Recently, the director of the CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention was also reprimanded for advocating on behalf of sugary, chemical-laden soft drink makers PepsiCo and Coca-Cola. The CDC claims to work in the interests of public health, but clearly, they are doing quite the opposite.

In a nutshell, the former CDC director stood to profit from products that cause diseases and harmful side effects. If that doesn’t say it all about the CDC, what does?

The corruption runs deep, but change is in the air

The Merck company has been the focus of many corporate scandals, including suppressing facts about their HPV vaccine Gardasil. This vaccine has been linked with side effects like excruciating chronic pain and paralysis.

The Bayer company, another Fitzgerald investment, is poised for a major merger with the Monsanto company – which has the nickname “MonSatan” for good reason. The CDC also has rampant conflicts of interest within its CDC Foundation, with numerous corporate donors that include pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms and pesticide makers.

The CDC represents the perfect “pay to play” organization.

The Politico report confirms that the CDC is in bed with vaccine manufacturers, big tobacco and junk food companies. However, the writing has been on the wall for years.

So, what’s the next step for the CDC? Can it be salvaged, or should it be dismantled and rebuilt with a new organization, that actually serves the American people?  Either way, we need an improvement, now!

In a time of great awakening on many fronts, positive change could be on the horizon. Be sure to voice your opinion about the CDC through your state’s elected officials. But, be warned, many politicians are clueless or in bed with these same corporations.

This article was originally published by NaturalHealth365

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