More Legal Troubles for Zuckerberg, and Why I’m Leaving Facebook

More Legal Troubles for Zuckerberg, and Why I’m Leaving Facebook

Facebook reinstated her ads with a comment saying they were removed because they included Facebook’s logo, which violates Facebook’s advertising policy. It’s a rather lame excuse for what appears to be blatant censorship of information that would hurt the company.

I’ve Decided — Will Leave Facebook

A while back, I issued a poll to see how you felt about my leaving Facebook. The results are now in, with a majority agreeing with my decision to withdraw from the platform.

While it will not take effect immediately, I am making plans to close my account, so, if you’re not yet a subscriber to my newsletter, I urge you, your friends and family to sign up now. My newsletter is published daily, and subscribing will ensure you get three daily articles delivered straight into your email inbox (all listed in one email).

At present, we have nearly 1.8 million Facebook followers and I’d like to give everyone some time to transition over to becoming newsletter subscribers before we close down shop on Facebook. The idea that I’m contributing to the invasive data mining of that many people has never sat well with me, and I feel leaving the platform and going back to depending on email is the responsible way forward.

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