If Police ‘Need’ Semi-automatic Rifles Then Australia’s Gun Laws Have Truly Failed

If Police ‘Need’ Semi-automatic Rifles Then Australia’s Gun Laws Have Truly Failed

An unintentional admission from Victoria Police about the crime that doesn’t exist and the gun laws that supposedly work:

“Victoria Police will be given a major increase in firepower, with hundreds of semi-automatic rifles set to be issued to officers. A total of 800 rifles will be distributed to frontline police and specialist officers within a year.

The 5.56 calibre rifles, which can be shot accurately from a distance of 300m will be used by Victoria’s Operational Response Unit, the Herald Sun reports.

Officers in Geelong, Ballarat, Morwell and Shepparton are also expected to be equipped with the rifles. The move comes amid concerns police are being overpowered by criminals with more extensive weaponry.”

Police are being overpowered by criminals? Well, thanks for being honest.

All that means is that the borders are porous (as well as criminals making these firearms), the sentencing light, the government powerless to do anything about it and ultimately Australia’s gun laws are useless. All contradictory messaging to what we have heard on all of the aforementioned issues for the previous 23 years.

We’ve seen this armament trend develop throughout Police jurisdictions in Australia over the past 18 months, so this isn’t exactly new. New Zealand Police GD’s have had these rifles forever, however, the important difference is so do the NZ public.

The usual questions come up. Are these rifles going to get stolen or go missing? Invariably yes, particularly when several years ago Victoria Police couldn’t account forseveral hundred of it’s own firearms, and LRD is having problems tracking down firearms.

What is so special about Australian Police when it comes to these firearms? Absolutely nothing but a blitz of propaganda. Their training standards are minimalistic rubbish and the likelihood of these actually being used is close to zero, as they appear reluctant to use the firearms they already have – the first officer that does use one will likely be thrown well and truly under the bus by Victoria Police Command, as per SOP.

Australians have essentially been gaslighted into believing that the gun laws here work. The overwhelming majority don’t even know what they are, but 23 years of hearing the same message over and over again has worked a treat on segments of the general population. When Victoria Police come out with contradictory messages like this however, a red pill or two is being forced down the public’s throat.

That messaging is hilariously contradictory – Australia is so safe because of gun laws but now Police need the firearms they don’t trust the public with because Australia is now so dangerous. This further contravenes the often-quoted narrative by Gun Control Australia and the like that semi-automatic self-loading rifles are useless for self-defence and no-one needs one – much like the AFP sentries outside Parliament House.

It again begs the question – who are the gun laws and these moves really aimed at? Most of us know the answer.

Melbourne has been on the receiving end of multiple terrorist attacks in the last couple of years, perpetrated with a variety of means. While giving Police the tools to fight terrorism is fine, disarming the public at the same time and not addressing other contributory factors such as immigration and the judicial system, is not.

As we’ve said before, what does this mean for the disarmed public? Try not to die in a terrorist attack while waiting for the Police? Trolleyman would disagree.

Australians are continually fed the garbage cultural meme that our country is ‘different’ and immune from a number of issues, just because we are.

Australia is not different and does not have superpowers, especially on firearms laws.

She ain’t right, mate.

This article was originally published by Firearm Owners United

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