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You Want to Get the Flu Vaccine? Have You Checked It’s Safe?

You Want to Get the Flu Vaccine? Have You Checked It’s Safe?

Apologies for this longer than usual and controversial article, but it is for your benefit…

I try not to write articles on any issues of vaccines, because it is such an emotive and controversial topic. But if we can’t have some freedom of speech, without the typical abusive and threatening replies which typically occur when someone speaks out against vaccines, then there’s something seriously wrong with the issue. But some recent events have made me change my mind about writing on this contraversial topic.

Many qualified and well-researched health professionals, as I am, steer clear of talking about vaccines because of the backlash which comes from those who strongly disagree with anyone who posts anything negative on this topic. I know some who read this article will disagree, and that’s fine. However I have added published references to back up what I have summarised here, and hence why this isn’t just my personal opinion – it is backed up by peer-reviewed, published scientific evidence! If you disagree with all of the evidence, take it up with the well-credentialled authors and not me!

This is an article ONLY about the 2018 flu vaccines. Not on vaccines in general. I am writing this because of the huge media scare campaign this year to get the flu vaccine, and things which you simply aren’t being told about it.



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