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Welfare battle over cashless card heats up

Welfare battle over cashless card heats up

Welfare recipients claim they’ll be worse off ahead of the roll-out of the cashless debit card.

From today, more than 6000 welfare recipients in the Wide Bay region of Queensland will start to receive their payments on a debit card.

It means 80 percent of their payments go onto the card, which can’t be used for alcohol or gambling, with the rest put in their nominated bank account.

                       A cashless welfare card scheme will start its fourth trial in Queensland’s Wide Bay area.

The idea is that it will help curb the huge amounts of money wasted on alcohol, drugs and gambling.

Local federal Member Keith Pitt has been a vocal advocate for the card.

“You only have to look at what our local media is reporting, $4 to $5 million per month in Bundaberg and Hervey Bay on pokies alone,” Mr Pitt told A Current Affair.

                             Jodie McNally said the cashless welfare system would only make her life harder

With one in five people in his elecorate on welfare, he said something had to be done to stop the intergenerational cycle of welfare dependency.

This article was originally published by 9News

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