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The Hidden History Of The Polio Vaccine And How It Impacts Today’s Acute Flaccid Myelitis: An Interview With Walter Kyle, Esq., Former Vaccine Court Claimants’ Attorney

The Hidden History Of The Polio Vaccine And How It Impacts Today’s Acute Flaccid Myelitis: An Interview With Walter Kyle, Esq., Former Vaccine Court Claimants’ Attorney

BOSTON – Summer of 1955 – after “The Cutter Incident.”

The Parke Davis (Lot 1018) rework in Boston and Wisconsin involved over 7000 cases of poliomyelitis. Over 400,000 cases may have occurred in Massachusetts alone, including the non-paralytic events.   All BOSTON Hospitals shut down non-emergency services to care for victims of the Salk vaccine.

The Massachusetts Medical Society dropped recommendation of Salk vaccine, but Joe Smadel, of Walter Reed Army Institute of Medical Research, and Alexander Langmuir, of CDC, touted to the media the vaccine was safe.

The epidemic in Boston arose from reworked, multiple formalin-treated vaccines that caused injection limb paralysis and systemic infections as late as 90 days after injection (the Francis Field Trial only considered cases in Recipients up to 14 days after injection and disregarded them all as caused by wild polio viruses – after all the Placebos acquired polio at twice the rate of Recipients).  In Boston Langmuir “epidemiologically eliminated” all cases of polio not arising within 30 days – a false premise that sold the vaccine to the press.

[CJF note: Formalin is a colorless solution of formaldehyde in water, used chiefly as a preservative for biological specimens. (Online Dictionary)]

Subsequent studies showed the formalin plasticized proteins around the live viruses, which resulted in “time released polio.”

CALIFORNIA – THE CUTTER INCIDENT – was actually made vaccine.

The California outbreak occurred the week after licensure and is referred to as The Cutter Incidentwhere it was first recognized that the vaccine caused twice as many cases of polio in personal contacts of the recipients than it did in the recipients of the vaccine.  Family members could be paralyzed by a child recipient who remained healthy.

The Cutter Incident has the same rate of reaction as seen in the Francis Field Trial of the Salk vaccine; twice as many personal classroom contacts came down with polio as compared to direct recipients.

Since Salk counted all cases of polio in recipients as caused by wild polio and twice as many classmates came down with polio, he considered the vaccine “effective.” Salk vaccine was never tested for safety in that Field Trial.

Lilly and Parke Davis were the two manufacturers that inactivated polio vaccine for the Francis Field Trial.

It is well known, but not published, that the vaccine in the Cutter Incident was actually produced by Lilly. Cutter was a scapegoat.  The reaction rates in Cutter Incident and Francis Field Trial were nearly identical.

Did I mention that Francis was also under military control and actually formulated the Type1 Mahoney strain in 1941 while working for the Rockefeller Foundation?

The vaccine medical literature lists a vaccine incident the CDC blames on Cutter Labs? What can you tell us about that, please?

[WK] That was Lilly vaccine distributed by Cutter, a small firm in California.  Cutter was a scapegoat and the reaction rate in Cutter matched the reactions seen in the Francis Field Trial.  Lilly also made vaccine for that Francis Field Trial.

Most of the 78 cases of polio caused in Cutter IPV recipients arose within 14 days followed by 200+ contact polio cases within 14 days of the recipient’s reactions, essentially the same rate of polio as in the Francis Field Trials.

Is it true there never was a Cutter Labs incident but that it was a press campaign run for the military by a CDC employee, who was Dr. Alexander Langmuir, CDC Chief Epidemiologist for 21 years often referred to as the “Father of CDCs Epidemiological intelligence Service”?

[WK] Langmuir was assigned to the Communicable Disease Center in Atlanta, in 1952, to thwart the expected bioterrorism threat by North Korea and was placed in charge of the cover-up of the Salk vaccine problem at the time of the outbreak in Cutter.  He did a great job; if anyone discovered Lilly actually made the vaccine everyone would have known the Francis Field Trial was “Fake Medicine,” but great epidemiology.

Keep in mind that Public Health and epidemiology focus only on the public health, and tend to totally disregard individual victims.

That should end.  An NTSB-style group should be charged with evaluation of individual injuries, just as NTSB investigates FAA originated air disasters.

What do you know about the Francis Field Trial, which used Lilly and Parke Davis supplied vaccines, where all cases of polio in recipients were blamed on wild viruses?

[WK] Briefly, Lilly inactivated the 300 series Lots and Parke Davis the 500 series batches in the Francis Field Trial.   The two companies did not produce the original lots but inactivated vaccines prepared in Canada using M199 instead of trypsin.  Connaught Laboratories produced the original batches using M-199 instead of trypsin to avoid contamination of the vaccine with then unknown circoviruses, which were suspected but not yet identified.

The M199 was injected into the Placebo group who were the close personal contacts and First and Third Grade classmates of the Recipients of the actual vaccine.  The Placebos were paralyzed at over twice the rate of Recipients injected with a semi-inactivated vaccine…just like in the Cutter Incident.  Salk assumed the injected vaccine could not cause polio, in general, and interpreted the results to mean that since Recipients acquired wild polio at half the rate of the Placebos, the vaccine was “effective”!

Salk never tested the vaccine for safety; he theorized it was nearly impossible to get polio from injection of live polio viruses.

Only after Langmuir concocted the Cutter Incident epidemiology did the Surgeon General declare the vaccine safe.  Then came the Boston epidemic where physicians were subject to criminal penalties for fingering Salk vaccine as its cause.

The Francis Field Trial conducted in 1954, involved 1,873,483 children.  It was an Efficacy ONLY study because Salk and Francis assumed that injection of live polio could not cause polio when the trial was conducted.  Is it true the efficacy of preventing paralytic poliomyelitis was 70.0 percent?

Do you know how many children actually contracted polio during that field trial?

[WK] Let me send you Salk’s graph for inclusion here.  Salk vaccine was only “efficient” in causing polio in both Recipients and their close personal “Placebo” contacts during the Field Trial.  If you cause twice as much polio in Contacts of Recipients as you do in Recipients by injecting live polio viruses, it is not proof of “Effective,” it is proof of a bad vaccine.

[WK] It took several months to write the report; the third round of immunizations is telling since they occurred in December 1954 when no wild polio existed.  But the question is not appropriate since the virus spread from both the Recipients and Placebos to their family and surrounding community. Under the Salk-CDC-Langmuir disinformation protocol the more people who acquired polio in the community via injection with the “vaccine,” the more “effective” the vaccine appeared. GREAT “Epidemiology”; Bogus Science!

Is it true that modern new vaccines are tested using many of the methods of the Francis Polio Field Trial?  Why is that?

No, not true.  The Francis Field Trial is CDC’s Gold Standard, which current vaccines are not required to meet.  Nonetheless, current licensing still uses unfounded assumptions, time limitations, and specious arguments tor justification in licensing. It’s a lot cheaper, and since FDA blocks use of available technology to verify vaccine reactions, they can get away with it.

Why did the U.S. military finance the Francis Field Trial in the 1940s-‘50s?

[WK] In 1945 [President] Eisenhower, as Supreme Allied Commander, authorized a “War on Polio.” Polio in North Africa had killed many troops, but did not infect the native population.

Major Albert Sabin (Sabin OPV) and John Paul (Johns Hopkins) were dispatched there to obtain the Type-2 MEF strain that was brought back to the US where Type2 polio was not a problem.  MEF stands for Middle Eastern Forces.

Enders, at Boston Children’s Hospital, was working on a measles vaccine for the military when he discovered the trypsinization trick that allowed polio to grow in human foreskins and mass produce vaccines.

VA hospitals were filled at the time; polio was primarily a disease of infants, but all boys were subject to the draft.  It was best to assure their immunizations took place before the military had to care and pay for reactions to vaccines on induction.

Does that prove the relationship of the military and the CDC over the years and what some contend that the U.S. military spearheads new vaccine production?  Why is military vaccine safety data not available to the public?

The public is not allowed to have any vaccine safety data or scientific tests for vaccine reactions.

The military desires future soldiers free from both the diseases and reactions to vaccines. The fundamental design of many vaccines containing multiple biologicals (MMR, DTP, Type-2 polio from North Africa) in a single dose challenges the future recruit, as a child, to multiple contagions expected in boot camp or deployment. Elimination of vaccine reactors, as children, precludes care for them as soldiers.

The military recognizes that no vaccines are “safe” and “free of harmful effects” to millions of users. “Putting Children First” thus eliminates any vaccine harmful effect in future recruits – by process of eliminating the recruit in childhood.

Has vaccinating children during childhood become a military self-serving agenda, since at one time military recruits were coming down with childhood diseases that kept them out of service and in military hospitals?

[WK] Measles was a big problem in boot camps during World Wars 1&2.  That’s why the military financed Enders research in Boston.  500,000,000 cases of measles in the civilian population was not a problem in the 1950s because the fatal complications could be treated with penicillin.  The military has been in the immunization business since the Revolutionary War when smallpox spread by the British decimated the Continental Army and caused the defeat in the Battle of Quebec.

Also, the military wants communities around bases free of infectious diseases like Hepatitis-B, which traditionally appeared only in prostitutes and IV drug users, but is now given to all newborns within 12 hours of birth.

One can almost predict the military’s future war plans based on the forced immunization programs in California, Australia and India…marshaling areas for protection of the oil in the South China Sea?

Is it true no safety testing was ever conducted before using those vaccines? 

I’ve heard the military ran the Francis Field Trial on the premise that the vaccine was ‘safe’ if it caused less than one case of polio per thousand injections.

[WK] Jonas Salk, Thomas Francis, Alexander Langmuir, Nobel Laureate John Enders and notably Sam Katz, a Fellow in Enders Lab in the mid ’50s who knew of all the problems caused by Salk vaccine in Boston and later became the Chairman of the Infectious Disease Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Editor of the Redbook, all were controlled through a secret group run out of Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

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