Chart Exposes in Detail How One Group Controls the Entire World

Chart Exposes in Detail How One Group Controls the Entire World

There exists a skill that people can acquire, and it can create a whole other dimension of thought that can change a person’s life forever: that skill is the ability to make connections in understanding the relationship between powerful individuals, large corporations, governmental entities, and whoever else these people and entities are connected to.

This is the ability to look at some practice that for instance, a corporate grocery store chain is doing, and then recognize that they are working in cooperation with some other entity that puts off the image of being completely separate from that other entity. Here’s an example: say at your local corporate, chain grocery store, there are pink balloons that are dedicated to victims of the disease measles. Maybe the balloons, colored like that Susan G. Komen cancer charity for example, say “Remember Jane Carter,” and that was an inoculated child who passed away after getting the measles.

This is a completely fictional scenario, but it gets relevant. So you see these ornaments at your local grocery chain, promoting the idea that a child who didn’t receive a vaccination lost her life, and the same story is all over the television media, as they also promote a product purported to prevent the measles, so what does a person with the aforementioned skills necessary to recognize a conspiracy conclude?

The obvious conclusion is that there must be either some spoken or unspoken cooperation between the grocery store chain featuring the message, the television news outlets giving so much coverage to the story, and more than likely, the pharmaceutical corporation that would make such a vaccine.

Think this is some far out scenario that could never happen? Go into Wal-Mart and tell me what you see: signs everywhere, in the parking lot and inside, promoting flu vaccines made by the corporations Sanofi or Merck. If people think there is no cooperation between the grocery chain, the pharmaceutical corporations, and the media, they don’t know how this world works.

When people think it’s paranoid to look for conspiracies like this, they fail to understand this is the social architecture of the entire world, when it pertains to power. This is the architecture of power in the world: pure “conspiracy.”

It’s so interwoven, how this world works on a top-down level, that one can make a chart out of people who have connections to each other, and other corporations, and it will look something like this.

In recent years, charts like that have circulated on the Internet. It seems they were made with a certain type of software utilized for mapping out connections between people and corporations, the software is also used by researcher Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media.



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