How to OPT OUT of cancer and live completely without the disease, no matter what your doctor says

How to OPT OUT of cancer and live completely without the disease, no matter what your doctor says

Today, we’re launching a powerful new video series called “Opt Out Universe” which teaches viewers how to opt out of life experiences you wish to avoid in order to improve your life, overcome disease, escape financial servitude and more. The name comes from the philosophical realization that most of the bad outcomes people experience in life are self-inflicted, often unconsciously. In fact, most people inadvertently create the negative outcomes they would much rather avoid.

This powerful philosophy — known as the “Opt Out Universe” mindset — rests on the principle of free will and the freedom to choose. You live in a universe where you can largely choose your outcome in life. So why not choose to be healthy and free from disease, debt, addiction and other negative outcomes? (Sounds simple, and it really is once you have the right knowledge…)

How to opt out of cancer

The first video course in this series is called “Opt Out of Cancer.” It presents a powerful, mind-expanding course that empowers people with the realization that nearly all cancer is caused by things people inadvertently do to themselves. People eat cancer-causing foods. They put cancer-causing chemicals on their skin through personal care products. They take cancer-causing medications and live in cancer-causing indoor air environments caused by chemicals in the air.

But the positive, powerful realization in all this is that nearly everyone can choose to avoid cancer if they simply have the knowledge of what causes cancer. And most people who have already been diagnosed with cancer can reverse cancer using simple strategies and small behavioral changes.

This new course is launched in conjunction with the release of The Truth About Cancerdocu-series that features powerful, life-changing interviews from dozens of holistic health experts who teach people how to beat cancer. Get the full details on this docu-series at this Natural News link.

The “Opt Out of Cancer” video course, just launched today, you can watch the first episode below, or visit to see all episodes as they are posted in the days ahead.

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This article was originally published by Natural News

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