This waterfall is 350 feet tall and built on the side of a skyscraper

This waterfall is 350 feet tall and built on the side of a skyscraper

This 400 foot tall tower in the Chinese city of Guiyang has an incredible waterfall that streams down the entire side of the skyscraper.

The waterfall cascades for a distance of 350 feet before landing in a collection tank at the foot of the building. Then it is pumped back to the top of the falls.

According to the Kan Kan News, the waterfall has generated some local controversy because the electricity needed to power its four pumps costs 800 yuan, or about $118, per hour.

The building’s managers argue that the waterfall will run only on special occasions and uses recycled water from rain or the tap.

Still, the structure has proven to be a tourist attraction as well as a symbol—an occasionally surprising one—for the city.

“People in the southwestern city of Guiyang telephoned newspapers to report what they believed was a massive water leak,” writes the Times of the U.K.

“When reporters arrived at the building they realized that the owner of Liebian Mansion had created a waterfall that gushes down the side.”

This article was originally published by Higher Perspective

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