China Outraged at US Sanctions for Buying Russian Fighter Jets and Missiles

China Outraged at US Sanctions for Buying Russian Fighter Jets and Missiles

Chinese officials expressed outrage on Friday after it was announced that the US was imposing economic sanctions on a Chinese military agency and its direct for buying Russian fighter jets and air defense systems.

The US claims the Chinese Equipment Development Department was violating US sanctions by buying from the Russians, and that the new sanctions on the Chinese agency are “aimed at imposing costs on Russia.

Chinese officials say this is an unreasonable move, and are demanding that the US immediately correct its mistake, warning that there will be consequences if they don’t reverse the sanctions. The State Department notes that the Chinese made “significant” purchases of Russian equipment.

Russian officials say they believe the US is using the sanctions primarily to try to squeeze out major competitors on the international arms market. Russia in particular has made a lot of successful sales in air defenses in recent years.

This article was originally published by Anti Media

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