Watch This 1999 Clip of Jack Ma Trying to Convince His Friends to Join Alibaba

Watch This 1999 Clip of Jack Ma Trying to Convince His Friends to Join Alibaba

“Underdog” entrepreneur Jack Ma may now be famous for his record-setting IPO when he took his e-commerce company, Alibaba, public.However, not many people know that he had humble beginnings. After all, he started Alibaba in his one-room apartment with 17 friends.

In 2012, a documentary titled “Crocodile in the Yangtze: The Alibaba Story” was released by an Porter Erisman, a producer and director who worked at Alibaba as Vice President for eight years. Erisman’s film follows Ma’s life as he battles US giant’s like eBay to building one of the most successful companies in recent history.

One of the scenes includes a clip from 1999 where a young Jack Ma is seen inside his apartments convincing his friends to join Alibaba. While he sells them on his dream, he also makes sure to note the amount of hard work and sacrifice it will take to get there. Watch the clip below:

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