U.S. life guru earns $12 million for a few hours work in Moscow – and sparks controversy

U.S. life guru earns $12 million for a few hours work in Moscow – and sparks controversy

Tony Robbins earned a fortune (or should we say “yet another fortune”?) in Russia but not everyone approves of him.

Russians are now questioning if Tony Robbins is the real deal, or a complete fraud who robs people of their money.

Recently, many Russians mocked fans of Tony Robbins, the life and business guru from the U.S. famous for his self-help books and seminars. He hosted an event in Moscow on Sept. 1. “The Earth is round”; “Ice is cold”; “Water is wet” – that’s how Andrei Spasatel, one of the jokers, described typical Robbins-style wisdom that so many people are willing to fork out for.

Big gig

He has a point: The seminar on Sept. 1 involved Robbins geeing up the audience and giving useful life and business lessons. More than 26,200 people paid to witness the man in action. “It’s something unbelievable! 24,000 people are happy and recall their breakthrough moments!” Yulia Alferova, advisor to the Minister of Economic Development, wrote on Facebook.

In another post, Alferova listedadvice Tony Robbins offered for better living and making a business successful. “Positive thinking is a strategy!”; “The internal world makes you successful”; “Disappointment destroys you!”; “If you do the same thing you get the same result,” and so on.

Then, everyone jumped and danced. Literally (starting from minute 4).

Sceptics and believers

Some people mocked Robbins’ audience, claiming they paid a crapload of money to hear basic truths available on motivational websites for free. Journalist Ekaterina Vinokurova compared Robbins’ admirers to older audiences who once believed it was possible to “charge” water simply by placing it next to the TV during televised psychic performances.

“Perhaps it’s all about lust for miracles…Tony Robbins created the world of pink unicorns for people who seem to be adults and these adults jumped into this world happily,” Vinokurova suggests.



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