Nurse charged over vaccine deaths, but shouldn’t the executives of vaccine makers be charged instead?

Nurse charged over vaccine deaths, but shouldn’t the executives of vaccine makers be charged instead?

Following the death of two children in Samoa after being administered a vaccine, the nurse on duty at the time has been charged over the deaths.

Considering the vaccines that are killing and injuring babies have known to be faulty and dangerous without even achieving what they claim to, then shouldn’t the executives of vaccine manufacturing companies be charged with fraud and wrongful death?

This is valid question to be asked. However, it’s also a warning for all doctors and nurses globally that they will be the scape-goats and face criminal charges as the vaccine executives make false statements. These executives try and blame improper injecting techniques or improper storage to shift the responsibility from what they know are deadly products that do not achieve what they claim.

In fact, their claims are fraudulent and deceptive.

Our sources on the ground have also been informed of multiple onerous deaths of babies in Samoa from vaccines that have not been disclosed.

The attempts to cover it up and shift blame on a nurse is disturbing.

The public needs to be urgently educated about the scam of over-vaccination, which is done to boost pharmaceutical companies’ profits.

Vaccine sales have grown from $5 billion in 2005 to over $50 billion today- largely based on scaring governments and the public into over-vaccinating children.

This is done mostly for diseases that weren’t even considered serious threats in the 1950’s by our government health departments before mass vaccinations started. However, now they are being made out to be these super deadly diseases that need to be combatted with vaccines when there is no scientific evidence that vaccines are even necessary or effective for most of these diseases.

In fact, many disease outbreaks have been evidenced to have occurred because of the vaccines.

At ANR, we call bullshit on those pushing faulty and needless vaccinations on innocent children.

Big Pharma lies with impunity to protect an industry that profits from corruption whilst expecting to get away with it.



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