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Mandatory Vaccination Stopped For Children In Italy

Mandatory Vaccination Stopped For Children In Italy

Previously, Italian law mandated that children must have received vaccines slated for 10 different diseases in order to attend preschool and kindergarten.

Yet, a shift in political winds has reversed the government mandate. Mandatory vaccination is expected to be halted in Italy for one full year, allowing all children to attend public school.

A report from News Medical states:

The amendment was passed by the upper house of Italy’s parliament last week Friday. The motion gathered 148 to 110 votes. It still needs to pass the lower house before it can be adopted by the nation.

There were 5004 cases of measles reported in 2017. These numbers ranked second highest after Romania in Europe says the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Around 34 percent of all cases of measles in the European Economic area were reported from Italy. Measles is a viral infection that is preventable with vaccination. In July 2017, the Democratic Party as a response to this outbreak introduced this law that necessitated all parents to vaccinate their children before they could enrol[l] them in schools. This compulsory vaccination strategy was opposed by Italy’s Five Star movement and its coalition partner – the far-right League. They said that this would discourage school inclusion. According to league leader and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini in June this year these 10 vaccinations are “useless and in many cases dangerous, if not harmful.” He said, “I confirm the commitment to allow all children to go to school. The priority is that they don’t get expelled from the classes.” Health Minister Giulia Grillo, a Five Star member said that they wanted to amend these rules because they wanted to “spur school inclusion and simplify rules for parents.”

Media reports like the incredibly biased News Medical article above repeat the same lines to bully parents into vaccinating. They think that blocking their ears and dismissing the cries of these parents as reckless, irresponsible, misguided or dumb will pressure them into vaccinating their children under threats of expulsion or livelihoods.



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