If Russia and Putin want peace, then why are western politicians continually provoking war?

If Russia and Putin want peace, then why are western politicians continually provoking war?

I recently read a book entitled ‘The Putin Interviews’ by award winning producer Oliver Stone who did a series of interviews over the last two years with Putin for a Showtime Documentary Series.

I posted about the book on social media and the following comments led to some interesting responses asking,

“If you like Putin and Russia so much, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and live there”?

Below is a collection of my responses that raises valid questions, which we as voters and citizens in the West should be demanding answers to. For example, if Russia is an enemy, why are defence budgets increasing so rapidly in the West, particularly the US, when there is no major enemy anymore to defend against?

Firstly, my answer to the question on whether I would ever consider living in Russia is:

I would not hesitate to live in Russia. Here’s why:

Many people, including many western politicians live in the past and think it’s still the Cold War era. They don’t see that Russia has completely transformed since. From the old Soviet Union, which ended in the 1980s, Russia is now a modern and democratic state.

I’ve spent plenty of time there and it opened my eyes to how ignorant Australians and other western countries are. Not to mention, I realised that we have been lied to since birth by the mainstream media.

I’d also happily live in Russia, especially if I wanted to have conversations with highly educated and intelligent people. So yes, Russia would be a great place to live.

It is sad how dumbed down Westerners are, and just how poor our education system has become. Our society produces a very small number of critical thinkers.



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