Australian Teeth Whitening Companies Hitting $100 Million In Sales And Attracting Venture Capitalists

Australian Teeth Whitening Companies Hitting $100 Million In Sales And Attracting Venture Capitalists

In a latest development within investment trends, the oral hygiene industry has reached unseen heights with start-ups such as HiSmile generating $20 million revenue within a couple of years since their launch. It is projected that such companies could make up to $100 million in 2018, thanks to social media influence and celebrity endorsements.

 In light of these developments, the oral hygiene industry is attracting private equity and Venture Capitalists.

One of the new startups to attract Venture Capital and Private Equity has been the Smile Fast Clinic ( on the Gold Coast in Australia. 

It claims to have one of the fastest teeth-whitening advanced products in the market.

A spokesman for the Venture Capital firm said, “the industry, although competitive, still has a lot of room for growth globally. We are focused on products that can utilise the fast-growing marketing trend of Instagram and also tap into Amazon and other online platforms”.

According to, the benefit of featuring content from these influencers is two-fold. First off, it saves time and energy, which could be spent by companies creating their own content. And featuring the influencer on their Insta page helps to strengthen the relationship (by potentially sending traffic the influencer’s way). Furthermore, it aligns their brand with the beloved influencers, a strong positive association. It’s a win-win whichever way you look at it.

The VC from Smile Fast Clinic goes on to explain:

“Although a small capital investment to the usual VC domain, we can invest in a large number of start-ups to gain exposure and increase our investment if they perform. We also recently invested in a soon to launch Gold Coast based cosmetic and Fake Tan Range called ‘Gold Coast Kissed’. 

“The Gold Coast is fast becoming the startup capital of Australia, which is why we have been looking for investments there”, he said. 

They said they are considering raising even more capital to grow faster, but initially they will start with the Australian  market, particularly the Gold Coast, which is popular for lifestyle type products and is also the Instagram influencer capital of Australia.


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