US Politicians Furious Trump is Trying to Make Peace with Russia

US Politicians Furious Trump is Trying to Make Peace with Russia

Editor’s Note: At ANR, we believe that most people want peace and Trump wanting better relations with Russia is good for the world.

We question the extreme agenda being pushed in America and the West (including Australia) that portrays Putin as evil and Russia as a threat and aggressor.

There has been no evidence provided of Russia influencing the 2016 US Election (the US interferes in almost every election around the world spreading so-called democracy such as assassinating leaders or organising a US coup by arming neo-nazis to overthrow a democratically elected President, like they did in Ukraine).

They then blame Russia for being the transgressor and accuse them of shooting down flight MH17 with no evidence to support their claims. Plus, Russia has zero motive to deliberately shoot down a commercial airliner. Only the most uneducated on geo-politics could believe they would.

Not to mention, Russia was accused of poisoning agents in the UK- once again with no proof provided.

This is nothing but war mongering.

See Senator John McCain’s comments in this article.

He works for the criminal military complex (also known as the deep state, along with the rogue US intelligence agencies that are also a part of the criminal military complex). They were in Ukraine working with neo-nazis and funding them to stage terrorist attacks against innocent Ukrainians for a US takeover. These individuals are the real enemy of the world.

It is easy to identify the real enemies and corrupt politicians who work for the deep state.

Politicians that support war and try to sabotage peace with Russia are the ones with a hidden agenda.



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