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Where Is/Was The Mainstream Press?

Where Is/Was The Mainstream Press?

With all the talk and smear campaigns about “fake news” shouldn’t Americans be entitled to know what’s really going on in the politics of their own country?

The United States is where 90% of the press and media are controlled by six corporations: GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS [1].


Why didn’t the mainstream media and the Internet duly report on Trump’s recent rally in Minnesota where thousands showed up and apparently hundreds more were turned away?  Isn’t that news?  Wouldn’t they have reported it as news for Obama, Hillary Clinton and those who are part of the “in” group of the socialist policy and party reforms in the USA?

Why do print and TV journalists shy away from political pedophile and pedophilia stories? Are they afraid they will become persona non grata, as Ben Swann experienced reporting about PizzaGate?

Brad Parscale: “The crowd at the Minneapolis rally was 60% Democrat and Independent.
America is seeing the positive results of a @realDonaldTrump administrations regardless of party.”
#MAGA 9:01 AM – 26 June 2018

I was lucky to be able to copy and paste the above photo, as the other photo showing President Trump at the podium was not ‘permitted’ to be copied and pasted by my computer algorithm censors, I offer!



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