The Censorship Of The Vaccination Debate In Australia Today

The Censorship Of The Vaccination Debate In Australia Today

Why can’t we talk about vaccines? Why are the media, pharmaceutical companies and industry lobby groups dictating government vaccination policies? More importantly, can mandatory vaccination policies actually protect our health?

Some of the best speakers in Australia will be discussing this important issue in an open forum at the 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference on Saturday, 30th June. The 4 hour conference is organised by volunteer group- Australia Let’s Talk About Vaccines.

The conference will look at science and accountability in the vaccination industry. This includes the urgent need for an adequate active vaccine adverse events surveillance system to be put in place in Australia. The conference will also focus on the need for conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies to be made transparent at ALL levels of the current vaccination system in Australia.

According to some vocal industry experts, “The politicians and the media have created an environment of bullying, hate, intimidation and coercion against anyone who does not agree with their vaccine policies.
Australians are being blackmailed, bribed and financially punished”

With vaccines becoming a controversial topic in this country with massive censorship from the government and mainstream media, this conference aims to address such issues and bring forward a valid and fair debate on the safety of vaccinations.

Conference speaker Judy Wilyman PhD. Author of the website ‘Vaccination Decisions: Know Your Vaccines’ says, “The public is entitled to know the risks of vaccination because this is a medical procedure, and as such informed consent of both the risks and benefits is required by law. This should not be dismissed as anti vaccination as all medical products and procedures need to be assessed by those receiving them. The active surveillance of adverse events after vaccines is not happening effectively in Australia. Safety testing of the vaccines used is also not as good as it could be. There are many areas for improvement in this issue, and our children are worth ensuring the best and safest policies possible. Evidence-based research cannot be described as a conspiracy theory, and it needs to be debated in the public interest.”

The government, Big Pharma and mainstream media actively try and stop such events, often trying to ban international speakers from these conferences. For instance,  Polly Tommey, who believes the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine caused her son’s autism, sparked outrage when she told audiences around Australia that ‘doctors were murderers’.

According to The Age, “Ms Tommey spearheaded a sold-out national roadshow of the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe organised by the Australian Vaccinations-Skeptics Network”. She has now been banned for entering the country. “They (Australian Border Force) told me I was banned from Australia for three years and that I would be getting a letter to confirm this,” Ms Toomey said.

Therefore, keep in mind that due to such circumstances, the event venue will be announced only 3 hours before the start time.

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