New property funds are planning to target the lucrative Airbnb property sector.

New property funds are planning to target the lucrative Airbnb property sector.

One spokesperson we spoke to in regards to a new fund they are planning to launch soon for the Airbnb market said, “not only have we identified suitable luxury properties, but we also intend on making the properties available to investors to holiday in about 8 days a year at no charge if investing over $100,000 into the fund”.

She said considering the quality of these properties, select investors will be able to profit from the high cash flow that is generated from Airbnb and the capital growth of the properties.  However, because they’ll be affectively part owners in a portfolio of luxury homes, they will also be able to utilise them eight days a year at no charge plus extra additional days at a discount rate.

“This just makes it more attractive to investors to be able to actually utilise their investment for holidays as well. It’s almost like a timeshare, but far more lucrative because you own a part of a solid asset that’s generating significant potential cash returns”. She also said one other property fund we are setting up is to target the resort industry as well. Due to the demand from Chinese tourists, more and more high-quality resorts will need to be built to meet the ever-increasing demand of the Chinese tourists coming to Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and Asia.

“We may even combine some funds for investors that want to be diversified into an Airbnb fund and one that also taps into resort development”, she said.



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