New Bitcoin Embassy Opens in the United States

New Bitcoin Embassy Opens in the United States

A mooted Bitcoin Embassy is the first of its kind, since an early attempt in New York City, for a bitcoin gathering place. It was American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) Editorial Director Jeffrey Tucker who had a revelation of sorts to establish a Bitcoin Embassy in the United States. The idea is to bring cryptocurrency enthusiasts together. Promising a welcoming environment staffed by people who can help with wallet recovery, other folks who’re curious about a new technology, seminars, and even a place for Dilly Dilly and wine, this could be the start of something big.

Bitcoin Embassy Will Officially Launch in April

Double-breasted suit, collar starched impeccably, Mengerian spectacles befitting a fashionable gait, and of course the bow tie, his requisite Rothbardian calling card, all of it announces a Jeffrey Tucker happening. Mr. Tucker is a force of nature, a one-man optimism machine, a crypto-anarchist without appeal to hoodlum crotch grabbing and other assorted rank behavior attached with a radical worldview. You don’t meet Mr. Tucker. He happens to you.

“The Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy,” his most recent project causing buzz within cryptoland, “is open now but we have not officially launched,” he cautioned. “That could be in April, depending on how fast we can build out the site, get the crypto ATMs in here, line up all the contractors and services, and so on. One of our services is a wallet recovery business, with a friend who works in Atlanta. The service is slammed with requests to recover lost bitcoin. He uses a variety of techniques and myriad of machines to bruteforce passwords and help people regain control of their money. That service now becomes a sector of the life of the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy.”

That’s right. Atlanta. As in Georgia. As in the United States. Hot’lanta. ATL. The Big Peach. The city too busy to hate. It’s the home of the first official Bitcoin Embassy in the United States, and Mr. Tucker is heading the effort.



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