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Expert Confirms Flu Shot Behind Deadly Epidemic That’s Killed Thousands

Expert Confirms Flu Shot Behind Deadly Epidemic That’s Killed Thousands

Influenza epidemic caused by vaccines itself according to health officials

As thousands continue to die from the deadly flu outbreak, health officials have now come forward to confirm that the influenza epidemic was actually caused by the vaccine itself.

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), this year’s dominant strain is H3N2, which is far more severe than other previous strains, leading to more extreme, and often fatal, symptoms.

According to Anna Treague, a health official for Public Health, the severity of H3N2 has been caused by mutations in the virus that are triggered by influenza vaccinations.

In a statement to ABC news, Treague confirmed that this year’s flu strain, that has left thousands of citizens dead, was caused by the vaccines itself, saying:

“I believe that the low effective rate of the vaccine this year is due to the mutations that the virus made in the processing of the vaccine itself.

“That is at LEAST part of the reason that influenza cases are so widespread this year.”

Treague clearly states that the vaccination is at “LEAST” part of the problem, if not the WHOLE problem.

Vaccine have been found to mutate the flu virusOther health experts agree with Teague statement, including Dr. Mercola, who is one of the world’s leading authorities on the dangers of vaccines.

Speaking about the mutations caused by the vaccines, Mercola says, “it’s no surprise at all.”



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