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Crypto Pundit McAfee Surveys the Community with Surprising Results

Crypto Pundit McAfee Surveys the Community with Surprising Results

Social media plays a huge part in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Blockchain companies themselves use the various platforms to communicate with their clients and investors and make announcements. Due to the ‘anything goes’ nature of social media it has also attracted a number of colourful characters, one of which is self-appointed crypto overlord John McAfee.

The anti-virus tech mogul has a big presence in crypto land, his once weekly altcoin shills resulted in no end of pump and dump action. McAfee has since moved on to ICOs, writing white papers, and is also conducting surveys. Over 400,000 votes were made in a nine part poll he ran on his Twitter feed over the past 24 hours. The results are quite revealing and give a good insight to the current climate in crypto land.

The first poll was on the ages of the crypto community and it came as no surprise that around half of the respondents were between 18 and 30. What was quite a shock though is that only 4% of those surveyed were over 50.

The second poll asked how often you buy and sell cryptocurrencies and 42% responded once a month or less indicating that they were hodling and investing rather than trading. Less than 20% of those that responded were trading cryptos daily.

The third question asked about the interest in the type of cryptocurrency and over 40% said that altcoins held the greatest interest for them. About a quarter each selected Bitcoin/Ethereum and all currencies and only 5% invested in ICOs.



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