Is the Tech Industry to Digital Addiction What the Pharmaceutical Industry Has Been to Opioid Addiction?

Is the Tech Industry to Digital Addiction What the Pharmaceutical Industry Has Been to Opioid Addiction?

Apple Investors, Former Tech Employees Make Accusations, Demand Change.

Opioid addiction has become so widespread in the U.S. that last August President Trump declared it to be a national emergency.

“Digital Addiction” may not be as serious as opioid addiction YET; however, the outcry and accusations made by Apple investors and former tech employees seems eerily similar to what has been reported as contributing to the current Opioid Crisis.

Because of Apple shareholders taking a stand last week, more news keeps pouring in about tech inventors who have been limiting their children’s use of digital devices:  “Bill Gates is surprisingly strict about his kids’ tech use — and it should be a red flag for the rest of us.”

How does this relate to the current Opioid Crisis?  For one thing – the Opioid Crisis didn’t happen overnight.  It happened gradually over many years.

CBS 60 Minutes aired segments about this in October 2017 with “whistleblower” Joe Rannazzisi, an ex-DEA agent who claims that the opioid epidemic “was fueled by the drug industry and Congress.”  It was reported that:

  1. The drug industry used (that) money and influence to pressure top lawyers at the DEA to take a softer approach.
  2. The bill introduced in the House by Pennsylvania Congressman Tom Marino and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, was promoted as a way to ensure that patients had access to the pain medication they needed. Jonathan Novak, who worked in the DEA’s legal office, says what the bill really did was strip the agency of its ability to immediately freeze suspicious shipments of prescription narcotics to keep drugs off U.S. streets — what the DEA calls diversion.

Because of the now Opioid Crisis, elected officials in many states have filed lawsuits against drug companies because of high rates of heroin addiction.

As far as Digital Addiction, for those who are concerned, you now have friends in high places who are calling upon Apple and other tech companies to help fix this problem – especially in regard to children. 

Apple originally defended itself against accusations of contributing to Digital Addiction: Apple Defends Its Smartphone Practices for Children After Investor Critique, Company says it has been offering parental controls since as early as 2008”

Because of the backlash, Apple has taken a kinder gentler approach:  Apple just announced it plans to help parents manage their kids’ cellphone use. Here’s why”



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