10 Amazing Little-known Facts About the U.S. Secret Service

10 Amazing Little-known Facts About the U.S. Secret Service

The Secret Service main job is to protect the US President, but this wasn’t their original task. Now, they are additionally responsible for security of going by remote dignitaries and the Vice-president as well.

Looking off camera, there are many entrancing realities about the secret services and some of these certainties are astounding as well. Here are some little-known facts about United States Secret Service:

1.The agency was created by Abraham Lincoln

cPresident Lincoln created the secret service on 14th of April, 1865, the day he was assassinated. Their original task was to combat the forgery of US currency.

2. The presidential protection

After the assassination of  William McKinley, in 1901, the secret agents began to protect the US president. At that time two agents were permanently assigned to the White House.

3. The Training

The secret agents need to experience thorough preparing that is accounted for to incorporate tossing themselves before shots. Each agent needs to pass an advancement abilities course every 2 months in order to keep up his wellness and insight levels.



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